Cultural man - what kind of "fruit"?

Is it possible to meet a cultural person in modern society? This is a rare phenomenon, as many demands are placed on a cultural person. Only rare individuals who possess excellent manners and know the nuances and subtleties of etiquette are able to comply with them. Because of too high demands, the question arises, what kind of fruit is a cultured person and how to define it in a crowd?

Culture - an abstract concept, but in the course of the conversation the degree of development is easy to identify. Do not combine the concepts of "intellectual" and "cultural." Every intellectual is cultural, but not all cultural people are intellectuals.

Creators of spiritual wealth are born, and cultural become in the process of life.

Knowledge of the basics of behavior, etiquette, manners - acquired habits that a person comprehends with age. They are vaccinated in kindergarten, at school, at home. If a person wants, it improves the ability of good behavior, feeding themselves in society. Develop culture and follow the rules throughout life.

What defines a cultured person?

What does the concept of "cultural man" mean? There are certain features that are characteristic only of such a person. These are the qualities that characterize a cultural individual.

External manifestations. A person with a culture claim has a presentable appearance. Such a person does not allow himself to dress badly or not according to the situation. He knows how to behave in society and follows the rules of etiquette. His speech is clear and well set.

Cultural man - what kind of "fruit"?

Personality traits. For a cultured person, character traits such as kindness, responsibility, generosity are characteristic. He knows how to own his own emotions in a difficult, extreme situation. He sincerely responds and is always confident in his own abilities. With age, acquired new character traits that appear only with experience.

The feeling of the measure and tact, laid down with upbringing, the cultural man develop throughout his life. He becomes tolerant, does not show rudeness and shows respect not only for older people, but for all people. The cultural personality is characterized by compassion for others and sacrificing their own good for the sake of others.In society, he behaves naturally and naturally.

An important sign of culture is self-development.

A person constantly improves his abilities, receives education, develops erudition.

He knows the world, knows how to appreciate the beautiful. The main goal - the creation of its essence or surrounding reality. A cultural person is ready to learn and constantly gains new knowledge. These are interesting people with whom it is easy to communicate. A diverse range of topics allows you to maintain a conversation in any society. They are bright personalities and interlocutors of a high level.

The ability to communicate with people. This cooperation, work in a team, friendship. By this is meant the ability to see a common goal and pursue it with the team. A cultured person can put public interests first. He is able to help unselfishly, to extend a helping hand and to share his experience.

Along with this, he, like a sponge, absorbs good things and adopts useful knowledge from older employees. He does not hide his hatred behind the showy smile. He will not allow education. If he cannot calmly communicate with the person, he will limit the communication to cold politeness.

Loyalty to duty.Another important feature of a cultural person is devotion to the country and its culture. He knows the history of his own country, he also knows the habits, the national traditions.

This character trait largely depends on the upbringing and education.

But if it was not laid in the family, a person striving for new knowledge, absorbs both loyalty and love for his homeland.

Are cultural skills given from birth or acquired?

It is known that culture is brought up in man. But nevertheless some traits of character are congenital and they are easily confused with signs of culture.

Tact and delicacy. It is considered that only a cultured person expresses to others with respect and listens without interrupting. In fact, these qualities are innate and developed traits. They do not guarantee that you have communication with a cultural person.

Compliance with the rules and regulations. Some people from birth have a need to obey, so follow the generally accepted rules for them - the norm.

Cultural people are well aware of art. But many talents and abilities are capable of loving classical music or admiring the beauty of landscapes. They are naturally endowed with a sense of beauty and are connoisseurs in this field.

True washed away the concept of "Cultural Man"

Culture is the outward manifestation of our emotionality. The presence of culture is an internal attitude toward the external manifestation of negative emotions. A person is able to sympathize, to experience the helpless. A cultural person knows the difference between good and evil and clearly sees the landmarks in which direction to go.

From childhood, we are taught the skills that have been evaluated and adopted by past generations. We absorb the guidelines of right actions, and this is called upbringing. Cultural education is obtained through books, cartoons, movies, which describe the standards of behavior.

Cultural man - what kind of "fruit"?

At an older age, it is already difficult to step over established beliefs and cause harm to a living being. In this case, not only the law, but, first of all, culture keeps the person. Deterrent factors are manifested as strongly as cultural concepts were revealed in the process of raising a child.

Uncultured by nature

There are people with different types of personality. Some of them are free from the “shackles” of culture from nature. Empathy is unusual for them due to the prevailing circumstances.In this world they carry out another mission - guaranteeing the survival of human society. Character traits characteristic of cultural persons, only interfere in the performance of duty, so nature itself has protected from these feelings.

This is not to say that they are callous people who dislike all living things. For example, born leaders are obliged to put the lives of others above their own. They do not correspond to cultural characteristics, but are ready for self-sacrifice. There are individuals who have super-intuition and the ability to calculate risks. These are excellent spies and scouts, but not all of them are carriers of culture.

Culture characterizes the content

If you see a person with good manners - do not let yourself be deceived. These are only external signs that do not indicate its internal features. But nevertheless it is possible to recognize the cultural person if you look closely.

He behaves in accordance with the social norms of behavior, leads the conversation at ease and remains with his own convictions.

Whatever attractive appearance he did not possess, he is opposed by shamelessness, impudence and contempt for others.He guesses the development of an unpleasant situation in time and quickly corrects it. He does not gossip or eavesdrop. Slander and gloating are repugnant to him. He is not able to offend the other, but is picky about himself.

Cultural people are more often found among teachers, doctors, that is, professions that require teaching others and setting an example. Remember that cultural qualities are acquired. Strive for the ideal, because it is achievable.

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