Crochet booties for newborns - schemes for beginners

One of the simplest products that can be crocheted are baby booties for a newborn. To connect them, just a few hours. Crocheted baby booties are quite a touching and delicate accessory. In the manufacture of them, you can invest all the warmth and care that will continue to warm the little native man. Handmade products have nothing to do with factory goods, since the latter are devoid of the human soul.

On a note! To tie booties for newborns can be not only crocheted, but also knitting. However, the first option is more popular in the manufacture of such products.

Varieties of bootees for newborns

As you know, booties not only decorate, but also warm the baby's foot. In accordance with the assigned functions, they are divided into the following types:

  • knitted, cotton, felted and others;
  • for girls, boys, universal;
  • light, warmed;
  • holiday, everyday;
  • boots, sneakers, shoes, pouches or other forms.

To correctly determine the choice, it is necessary, first of all, to consider the time of the birth of the child. If a newborn is born in a warm season, summer booties can be crocheted from thin yarn. If the girl is expected, you can decorate the accessory with bows, use a pink yarn. For the boy often prefer to do booties in blue or blue tones. Legs of a small mod can be shod in knitted sneakers.

Warm booties are suitable for winter. It is necessary to choose a yarn with thick threads, and also to use a dense way of knitting.

On a note! For newborn babies prefer to knit from natural yarn. This will avoid allergic reactions, as well as the greenhouse effect, which adversely affects the delicate sensitive skin.

The size of the hook depends on the thickness of the thread. The thicker it is, the higher the number of the working tool.

How to tie baby booties crochet for a boy?

Crocheting simple and beautiful booties will be easy even for beginners.If you stick to the finished scheme with a detailed description. Since the accessory is designed for a boy, it will be made of blue yarn. Although, if you wish, you can use threads of a different color.

Materials and tools

Crochet booties for baby crochet are used:

  • acrylic blue yarn;
  • white acrylic yarn;
  • satin ribbon;
  • hook number 3.

Step-by-step master class

Knitting bootees begins with a set of loops. Their number depends on the size of the foot of the newborn. As a rule, 10 cm is taken as a reference point, which corresponds to 16 loops. Knitting bootees is carried out as follows.

So, knit booties for a newborn boy in the following master class for beginners:

  1. Make a chain consisting of 16 air loops. Run 2 rows of semi-columns. On the third row, make half a half-column, then - columns without a crochet (sb), then - columns with a crochet (ssn), and on the toe to execute a doubled column with a crochet (refer to the attached diagram). The fourth row is similar to the previous one, and the last fifth row should be connected with semi-columns. As a result, on the outer circle of the workpiece turned 60 loops.

  2. The sole of bootees is completely ready.Now you can continue the process of knitting. It is best to start a row on the heel. First, you need to associate a series of sbns, and then perform four more rows of ssn.

  3. So begins the sixth row. It should be done as follows: 18 sat, 2 ssn and a common vertex. In this way it is necessary to knit 12 times. Next, perform 18 Sbn. It is important that 12 knotted sb loops are centered, otherwise the product will look asymmetrical. In the seventh row, close the toe: 18 Sbn, 6 loops on the toe connect 2 to 1 ssn. The remaining 18 loops knit sbn.

  4. The eighth row begins: 18 sbn, cut 6 loops 2 to 1 ssn, and then complete 18 sbn. Cut the thread.

  5. At the same stage, you need to associate the tab for the pins. For this purpose, 10 loops are used, which are located in front. It is necessary to tie 10 rows of sb, closing the last one loop on each side. Cut the thread and set to knit the backdrop. It consists of 6 rows of sat. At the same time it is necessary to grab 3 loops of the tongue on each side.

  6. To improve the look of bootees, you need to knit a border of white yarn. Insert the satin ribbon in the form of a lace so that the booties do not fall off the baby's leg.

Under such a scheme, it is possible to bind booties to a child from 0 to 6 months. For an older child, you will have to make the foot longer, typing initially more than 16 air loops.

Baby booties with sneakers

For a little champion perfect booties sneakers. They will warm in a cold season, and also will become the real decoration. Crocheting them with the scheme and step-by-step description will not be difficult, even for beginning needlewomen.

Materials and tools

Beautiful booties, crocheted for young children, will be made of yarn of two colors: blue and white. These shades are suitable for the boy's wardrobe.

To work will require:

  • wool blend of two colors;
  • hook number 3.5.

Step-by-step master class

To beginners did not encounter difficulties in the process of knitting small pinets, a step-by-step instruction with a photo and a detailed description:

  1. Tie the sole of white yarn in full accordance with the scheme. Simple double crochets are executed, and the last row should be connected with single crochets. When the sole is ready, you can begin to manufacture the rise.Link two rows of ssn, and then you can break the thread.

  2. Sew a strip of blue on the rise.

  3. Now you need to make a toe. Initially for him it is necessary to allocate 30 loops in the appropriate place. The first row is performed sbn.

  4. Second row: ssn, do 3 columns at a time. Thus, the number of loops on the cape will decrease second. There will be 10 loops.

  5. The third row is the final one. It is necessary to tie 10 posts of the second row in one step.

  6. Now you need to make a blank for the reed. Bring the thread to the edge of the toe and make 2 rows of SOS. Secure and tear the thread.

  7. Embroider a blue thread between the first rows of the toe. The yarn of this e color is used for further knitting. Make 7 rows, tying on the front rows of sb, and on purl - ssn. When tying out the purl strings, it is necessary to make holes at the edges, into which the lace will be threaded. To make such a hole, you need to perform 2 air lifting loops, then - air one, skip 1 loop of the previous row and link 2 ssn together. Thus, it is possible to cut 1 loop and make a hole.

  8. At the final stage you need to finish the tongue.That is, to bind 11 more rows in addition to the previous two. Of these, the first 7 rows will be made with a blue thread, the next 3 - white. The last row of knit white yarn as follows: 2 sbn together. At once, without breaking off the thread, you can do the strapping.

When the main part of the work is completed, all that remains is to tie the string or use the finished one.

On a note! To booties were more like sneakers, you can embroider the logo of Adidas or another sports company on the tongue.

Booties in the form of summer boots for girls

Delicate summer booties for girls, crocheted, suitable for any outfit. Thanks to the openwork knitting, the baby's foot will always breathe. These booties are not ashamed to present as a gift.

Materials and tools

To knit cymbals for girls, such materials and tools are needed:

  • white yarn (cotton);
  • hook number 2;
  • soft sole of the required size;
  • pink satin ribbon.

Step-by-step master class

The size of the sole is selected in accordance with the foot of the child. If it is soft, it is possible to reduce its length and width by cutting excess.

On a note! In this master class, the sole is used, which corresponds to a foot length of 11 cm.

Crochet children's pinets are made in the following way:

  1. Tie the sole along the edge of the pillars without a crochet. In fact, if the material is soft, the hook will easily pierce it. Otherwise, you can always use an awl, first making holes with this help, and then inserting the hook into the resulting hole. In the place of turning the soles, you need to make 2 posts in one hole. In the area of ​​the nose, such increases should be repeated 5 times on each side, on the heel - 3 times.

  2. Bind a number of ssn, crocheting the back of the hinges of the first row. Close the second row of the connecting column. In the next row, link 2 lift loops.

  3. Link 4 rows as follows: 1 ssn, 1 air loop, 1 ssn in one loop. Retreat 2 loops of the previous series and continue to make the so-called "slingshot" in a certain sequence. In the next series, this "slingshot" is placed in the air loops of the previous rows.

  4. The sock area begins at the sixth row. To perform it, you need to reduce the number of posts as follows: 15 slingshots, 8 ssn in one loop, another 15 slingshots. The seventh row is knitted, like the second. 8 row looks like this: 13 combinations according to the type of slingshots, make a double column of 8 columns of the 7th row, having one vertex, then again perform 13 slingshots. Also tie and 9 row.The 10th row needs to be done, like the previous ones, but the extreme loops that need to be knit with a “slingshot” will result in 11 on each side. 11 row consists of 11 "slingshots", double column of 4 tbsp. previous row, 11 slingshots.

  5. Without breaking the thread, start making the tops. The first row of the shaft must be tied with "slingshots", making two nakida when doing the posts. The satin ribbon will be threaded here.

  6. The subsequent knitting of bootees is carried out according to the scheme.

  7. When three strips of an openwork pattern will be executed, it is necessary to pass to the finishing stage, having made a finishing series. It should knit on 3 loops in the intervals of the previous row.

Now it remains to step through the same step by step to connect the second pin to the newborn girl in a similar pattern.

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