Cozy home tracks with two knitting needles: master class

With the onset of cold weather, it is so nice to wake up in the morning and put on warm and cozy homemade footprints. Knitted socks are essentially a cross between knitted socks and knitted slippers. Sledkov have no hard soles, and they have a low landing. And if the tracks are made with your own hands, then you will feel even more warmth and comfort.

Knit sledki usually knit on two, four or five knitting needles. Sometimes crochet is used for decoration.

There are 3 technologies knitting sledok:

  • Knitting with a sock with a minimum set of loops. At the subsequent knitting the set of loops is increased with the help of nakida.
  • Knitting on the principle of socks - from heel to toe.
  • Cross-knit from one edge to another with stitching.

Master class, how to quickly link the tracks:

1.Get 13 loops and knit 8 rows with a garter pattern.

2. Every 5 loops, make an addition (nakid, front and nakid again). Make a purl row.

3. Then add before and after nakida using nakida, 3 facial loops and nakida again.Repeat every 5 loops. Make a purl row.

4. Continue until 39 loops are obtained.

5. Spray 15 loops and set aside, continuing knitting on 9 loops. Knit, rounding the heel.

6. At the end of the rows, tie the last loops together with the 15 loops that we set aside earlier.

7. Hinge 9 loops for work and type 18 loops on each side. You will have 45 loops, of which the first is edging, 5 is a shawl pattern, 1 is purl, 4 is facial, 1 is purl, 21 is facial, 1 is purl, 4 is facial, 1 is purl 1 - edging.

8. Knit 40 rows using this pattern. Tie the heel as well as the sock.

9. Last rows knit a shawl pattern and close the loop.

Shawl pattern

Sledky with a Norwegian pattern


Tracked with a button

1. Type 5 loops and knit a scarf pattern, typing on the loop at the beginning and end of the row. Type in this way 25 loops.

2. Knit 1 edge loop, 1 - front, 1 purl, 2 front.

3. When only 2 loops remain, make 1 face and 1 purl.

4. Knit the wrong side and 30 rows according to the pattern 2x2.

5. Collect the work as at the beginning of mating - 1 loop of two facial, 1 loop of two purl, etc.

6. Reduce from 2 sides to 1 loop, until there are 5 loops, from which we will make a strap for the tracks.

7. Sew a button to the strap and sew areas that are knitted with elastic.

Slippers on two needles

Children's tracks on two needles without a seam

You will need: 50 grams of yarn (fold the thread 2 times, knitting needles No. 3 and hook No. 3.

1. Type 28 loops. Knit 19 rows of the front satin stitch and make the heel of 8 central loops.

2. Type 11 loops at the sides of the heel.

3. Raise 9 rows and make 7 air loops in the last row. To achieve circular knitting, connect the air loops with the opposite part.

4. Raise the hinges on the face. If you wish, you can make a pattern on the slides.

5. Start cutting the loops when you reach the little finger. At the beginning of the row, knit 2 loops together. When there are 2 loops left, stretch the piece of yarn and pull off the marks. Tie the edges of the hook with a hook.

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