Copper hair color - trend of the season

Red beast! That is what they say about red-haired girls, fiery ladies who drove more than one generation of men crazy. They, sometimes without noticing it, have a special mystery and attractiveness, a special magnetism, which never allows them to remain in the shadows.

Since ancient times, women with a touch of copper on their hair have made an impression on others, sometimes even unwillingly: they were burned at the stake, then extolled to the skies. Even today, red-haired girls always arouse interest, they are sung in songs, they are painted with paintings, probably the matter of special sensuality and natural attractiveness.

However, red or copper hair color is a great rarity, which is given by nature only to 2% of all people, which makes some ladies go for a trick. Repainted in copper hair color - it is quite simple, however, it is worth noting that this shade is not all women, sometimes, he even, on the contrary, greatly spoils the appearance, making the skin gray and lifeless, and lips completely faded.So who will still get a copper hue of hair? Let's figure it out.

Choose an advantageous shade

As you probably already guessed, the copper color has a wide range of colors, for example, it includes a dark red color, a golden chestnut, a fiery red, a copper-red, light-brown with a golden hue, and many others. All these tones will look extremely attractive on girls of the right color, especially if they can boast of long or curly curls.

It is believed that the ladies who belong to the autumn color, fit all the shades of copper: these are usually girls who have naturally bright eyes and a light enough skin tone. It suits, like copper in its pure form, and shades with impurities of amber, carrot-red and gold copper.

Girls with olive and golden skin can also, without any doubt, repaint themselves in any shades of copper, especially if they also have green, bright blue, dark gray or brown eyes. But girls with light eyes and very pale skin from repainting in copper color is better to refuse, exactly, as well as those who have by nature completely dark hair color.

How to achieve a beautiful shade?

Today, to achieve a beautiful copper hair color - it is not difficult, for this there are many different colors. For example, if you want to get a stable and saturated color, like the models in the photo, you will have to choose chemical dyes, and to achieve the desired shade, you may have to resort to using tonics and all kinds of tinted shampoos.

If you are worried about the safety and health of your hair, then perhaps it makes sense to use dyes on a plant basis, these include henna and basma. Of course, their use does not guarantee a long-lasting effect, however, vegetable colors will not only not spoil your curls, they will strengthen them, give a beautiful and well-groomed appearance.

True, there are also some nuances: in order to achieve the desired shade, you need to take into account not only the native hair color, but also what additional dye to add to it. For example, to get a dark copper, almost chestnut color, it is recommended to add a spoonful of coffee to henna, but to get a reddish tint you can splash some red wine.

If you did decide to use chemical dyes,It is best to give preference to those that contain caring ingredients, for example, plant extracts, stone and essential oils, wine extracts and proteins.

In order not to be confused with color, it is recommended to “try on” a new image with the help of special computer programs that, according to your photo, “draw” what you will look like with a particular shade of copper.

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