Congratulations to lovers in poetry and prose - beautiful, cool and short on the anniversary of acquaintance, February 14 and other holidays

SV-009Love is the most beautiful, tender and reverent feeling. It fills human life with meaning and colors the world with rich, bright and friendly colors. People who find their soul mate become kinder, softer and more tolerant of others, more easily experience adversities and look confidently into the future. However, in society it is not customary to give congratulations to lovers simply because only people have met, decided to never leave each other again, and found their happiness in each other. Basically, refined phrases in prose or funny, playful short poems are timed to certain holidays, such as February 14, anniversary of dating or the date of the wedding.Beautiful words speak aloud at a personal meeting with a couple or are written on postcards with romantic pictures and sent by mail to please with attention and show to lovers their kind, sincere and touching attitude.

Gentle beautiful congratulations to lovers of poetry

On Valentine's Day, be sure to congratulate all friends of lovers, friends and relatives with a beautiful, gentle and romantic holiday. Ideal option for such a pleasant welcome will be beautiful and inspired poems, which talk about love, devotion and other trembling feelings. Such beautiful and touching works can be read out loud during a personal meeting, holiday party or corporate party. Inspired, sublime lines will appeal to every person and even the coldest hearts will be warmed with their tender sound. And this is the most important significance of the Day of all lovers - to make people a little kinder, sincere and happier. Moreover, not only those who have already found their soul mate, but also single men and women of different ages who, as a child, believe in a fairy tale and very much hope that one day, real, faithful and tender love will come to them.


No less successful idea is to write a beautiful poem on a valentine card and present it to relatives, acquaintances or colleagues at work with nice presents and warm wishes. Such a display of attention is always very appreciated and causes a lot of bright, pleasant impressions. Relations between people improve and become more frank, cordial and soulful.


You both Yin and Yang are beautiful
Love shines in you
Complementing, so each other
Live the tale again.
To the world that surrounds
Protected you from loss
So that you stayed together
Opening the door to happiness ...


Happy Holidays
Happiness and love of winged
Happy Valentine's Day!
Be you always one:
In work, life and work,

In love, hope and care.
Let love surround you
God is helping you in everything.
The sky will be bright blue
On Valentine's Day.


The love of people transforms.
And you are a great example of this!
Any of you now shine
Noticeable beauty!
Just your appearance,
And all who surround you,
Feel the admiration for you
And they can not take their eyes off!

Beautiful congratulations in prose to couples for the holiday

Probably the greatest happiness in the life of every person is to meet a soul mate and find mutual love. Someone is lucky very quickly and the native person is at the very beginning of life's journey, on the school bench or the first year of the institute, and for some years they wait for Cupid to pay attention to them and finally organize a meeting with a bright, trembling and bright feeling. But, whenever such a momentous event as the unification of loving hearts takes place, it is always remembered with great tenderness and warmth, not only by lovers themselves, but also by relatives, acquaintances and friends. On Valentine's Day and other delicate holidays happy couple congratulate beautiful, inspired and quivering words in prose and wish the lovers to be attentive and tolerant, to please each other and never to part. In addition to the common phrases, you must add a few pleasant words from yourself personally, so that the congratulation is more individual, sincere and touching.


How good that in the stream of these raging - boiling lives you managed to meet each other! Not everyone is given such happiness. Given not everyone has such luck.Appreciate and store what you gave a happy feeling!


Dear and beloved! You are two light clouds. These clouds are inseparable. We wish you to swim together in the sky of life, and do not pay any attention to the difficulties! Remember that to win, in the world, everything can only love. Take care of her!


Well, you wish that all the beautiful wishes come true? I wish you all the wonders of life that can only happen to truly lovers! Let the miracles fall on you like a pleasant and unexpected rain!

Pictures and cool short greetings for lovers on holidays

Far from every holiday requires long pompous complimentary texts. Sometimes, in order to cheer up and give joy, it is enough to send a short congratulation from several cheerful lines to the phone of lovers and add to it a nice, bright and funny picture. After reading optimistic and cheerful phrases, the couple will feel your good attitude and will appreciate that even at the moment of not too significant celebration you think of them with tenderness, warmth and love.


I wish you live in the city of love,
Of course, on the street
So that the windows overlook Dream Avenue,
The road to the sea led by the name Happiness!


Love on the planet is not easy to find.
But you managed to do it.
I wish you to go together in life,
Happiness with white chalk drawing!


I wish, friends in love,
That love inspired the body.
To make the nights sleepless
How transparent are the mirrors!



Pleasant greetings to couples on February 14 in verse and prose


February 14 is perfect for congratulating couples in the brightest, most touching and inspiring words. All that is pleasant, tender and reverent can be expressed in melodic verse lines or in exquisite prose phrases. And in fact, and in another version, congratulations will make a pleasant impression and will remain in memory for a long time. It will be very flattering for the lovers to know that close people, friends and acquaintances sincerely rejoice in their happiness and hope that the two halves that have found each other in this rapid world will always be together.

In order for the congratulation on February 14 to sound as natural as possible and to have a more personal character, it should be supplemented with warm, kind wishes. Tell the couple that their meeting is a true gift of fate, and not every person in life has such happiness.Emphasize how harmoniously and beautifully in love look together and how pleasant it is for you to call these people your friends. Simple, but very sincere words, spoken from a pure heart and with an open mind, will give loving people a lot of vivid impressions and make you rejoice that quite recently or many years ago, fate brought them together and made it possible to become truly happy.


You are in love, and it is evident -
The eyes shine with warmth
Sometimes a little jealous
Love the most wonderful such

Happy valentine's day
I hasten to congratulate me now,
You, like the characters from that picture,
Where is a very nice family!


Valentine's Day is a wonderful romantic holiday when the flowers of love bloom in the hearts of lovers, and the melody of spring awakening is heard in the hearts. I sincerely wish you, dear lovers, clean, big, bright feelings and ennobling deeds. May every moment be filled with love!


Everything around sings, sparkles,
Valentine's Day knocks for you.
And you did not swear,
And in love only confess.
We want to fall in love again,
And enjoy each other.
So that in your personal life,
Everything has become much more beautiful.

Good congratulations to couples on the anniversary of dating


For each couple in love, the anniversary of dating is a very special and extremely important holiday. Sometimes it matters more than the date of the wedding, the moment of the first kiss and February 14, which is referred to as Valentine's Day. After all, just with an acquaintance begins the story of the happiness of each couple, and it is this day that divides life into a lonely “before” and a joint romantic “after”. All these delicate moments must be taken into account when making congratulations to lovers on the anniversary of their acquaintance. What is better to choose for an important event - beautiful, elegant phrases in prose or cool, short poems - you decide for yourself. Both options are quite appropriate and will be enthusiastically accepted by a happy couple. And if you complement the greeting with a small gift, a themed postcard with a romantic picture, a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers, the lovers will be in the seventh heaven for joy and will remember your kind, warm and touching sign of attention for a long time.


There is a reason for the holiday -
Anniversary relationship!
Together you, and it's cool,
Your couple is so beautiful!

You hold on to each other for a friend,
If you quarrel - be reconciled,
May all dreams come true
And the desires will be fulfilled!


My dear, I congratulate you on the anniversary of dating! I wish you, my beloved, always be the happiest. Rejoice that you are each other! Let your dreams come true, and life brings only good surprises. Smile as often as possible, so you are even more beautiful!


Today is a special and glorious day.
For you two, he is also the main one.
Do you remember how it all began
How love spun the wheel.

How did you meet each other in life,
And everyone has become happy your days.
We wish all the obstacles evil to go around,
And only success on the path of life to find.

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