Congratulations on the Airborne Day in verse and prose. How to congratulate on the day of the Airborne of the husband, brother and beloved


In 2016, in the last summer month, the whole country will celebrate the holiday of military air forces. What date is this gonna happen? August 2. It was then that congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces in verses and prose, along with warm wishes of joy, optimism, well-being and a peaceful sky, will be received by all the men who served in the legendary landing party. If there is a glorious representative of “blue berets” in your circle - a husband, a loved one, a brother or just an acquaintance - do not forget about him on this auspicious day and be sure to indulge in pleasant words on the occasion of a professional holiday. Even a short text message sent to the phone will give the paratrooper (former or present) great joy and show how much his relatives and friends appreciate.

What day is the Airborne Forces Day and how did this holiday come about?

Today, a very small number of people do not know how many Airborne Forces Day comes in Russia and how it is celebrated. But for those who still do not know, we recall that the significant date falls on August 2. The holiday has received official status since May 31, 2006, when the Russian president assured with his signature the decree “On the establishment of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”. Thus, at the highest level, the merits of the airborne troops in ensuring the defense capability and security of the state were recognized.


The date - August 2 - was chosen not by chance. It was on this day, back in 1930, during the planned exercises of the soldiers of the Moscow military district, at one of the testing grounds near Voronezh, for the first time to perform a tactical task on parachutes, a unit of 12 people landed.

Happy Airborne Forces Husband - beautiful congratulations and wishes


Husband on the Day of the Airborne Forces must be congratulated respectfully, beautifully and tenderly. Let your beloved man know what kind of pride his family feels for him and how he admires his strength, courage and courage. And it does not matter at all whether the spouse served in the legendary troops more recently or more than 20 years ago.In any case, he will be very pleased and honored with such sincere attention from his spouse and other relatives. A wife can congratulate her husband right in the early morning, accompanied by kind, touching and tender words with a small gift. A little later, the celebration should be connected to children and other family members who came to visit.


On the Day of the Airborne for her husband's congratulations
I probably cooked for a whole year!
Now I wish you happiness and luck,
Let the best in life awaits you!

I, as a paratrooper, wish you
So that was always, in everything on top!
I congratulate you on a beautiful holiday,
Wanting a lot of valor in labor!

And let all the best comes only
To you and every day, and every year!
Let the miracle happen all the time.
And the best in life is waiting for you!


Beloved husband, you are my hero!
I'm always proud that you are this:
Beautiful, sincere and real,
Brave and strong, heart hot.

On Airborne Day, I wish you well,
That the native country flourished,
So that people in peace and justice live,
And we have always loved each other!

About VDV poems a lot of folded
And on this holiday of her husband
Congratulate me, as every year is laid,
To wish only the best!

My love, I want to wish good luck
So that happiness was in life forever!
You VDVshnik cute, it means
That you are not afraid of all the trouble!

May your work and work be glorious
Let your fighting feat be famous!
Let all concerns be in joy in life!
I wish you were proud of yourself!

Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces beloved - prose and poems


For the beloved man for the Day of the Airborne Forces, it is necessary to pick up touching and inspired lines in verses or prose. They should contain kind and very warm words that reflect love, devotion and the most sincere feminine affection. Tell me how confidently you feel next to such a strong man and how you appreciate his reverent and tender attitude towards yourself. Even the most severe and strict “big boy” will be extremely pleased to know how much his beloved woman appreciates and how proud he is of his military achievements.


My love, your strong hands
Always on my shoulder,
I remember those years of separation,
When you served in the Airborne Forces.

Congratulations on the occasion
And I say not ashamed,
I have a love for you
With you without fear of anything.

I'm sure that calmly
I would protect me from trouble
Indeed, sincerely and dignifiedly
You served for the homeland.


When you love, it is so difficult to sort through, why did this feeling come? I love for courage and bravery, for courage and honesty ... and you are also so kind and caring! My fellow paratrooper, you're the best in the whole world! Celebrate the Airborne Forces Day today, and I very much hope that with my congratulations the holiday will be even more beautiful for you!

On the Day of the Airborne Forces, I hasten to congratulate
Loved with all my heart.
So you want to praise from the heart
Men's breadth of the soul!

I wish you my good
From the life of ranks and awards!
So that you have found happiness without an edge,
Not encountering obstacles on the way!

Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces to the brother - funny and humorous

For congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces to the brother, you can use short, humorous poems about paratroopers and courageous exploits that these fearless men make. In a light, unobtrusive and humorous form, you need to show your brother how much you are proud of his belonging to the army of "blue berets" and how reliably you feel behind his "stone back". Both the young man and the mature man will be very pleased to know that his military merits have not been forgotten, and the closest people highly appreciate his reliability, strength and courage.


Day today Airborne!
This brother is no joke!
I drink one hundred grams for you,
For the native "booth"!

Good for you,
My brother is nice
You're a paratrooper, so - cool,
And my main example!


Airborne troops
Airborne alliance
Honored and honored here
And I'm proud of my brother

I congratulate my brother today,
After August, the second number
Landing troops praise,
My brother and I were lucky!


Happy Airborne Day, I congratulate you.
Love and happiness, brother, I wish you.
And so I want to, in the sky,
In the open and endless zone

The heavenly angel guarded you
With his wings you guarded.
So that all bad things go away
In the bottomless and gloomy night.

And only the dawn to your house will knock
The ticket is happy he will give you.
And your life will sparkle with lights,
And everything will come, what the soul desires!

Congratulations on the Day of the Airborne Forces are short and funny


Knowing how many brave paratroopers celebrate their professional holiday in 2016, you can prepare well for the celebration and find short, optimistic and bright greetings for the Airborne Forces Day for your friends, lovers, husbands, brothers and relatives. For this occasion, optimistic, joyful poems or gentle,touching and lyrical prose. The main thing is that every word should sound sincere, open, and kind and be spoken from the heart. Such congratulations should be read personally, written on a beautiful thematic postcard, posted on a social network page or sent as a "message to the originator of the celebration". Such a sign of attention will not leave anyone indifferent and will remain in the memory of even the most severe, serious and strict man for a long time.


Today I congratulate the Airborne Forces,

I wish successes, happiness,

Always to open the parachute

And in the house was, to envy all, coziness!


Russia is famous for its landing brotherhood.
Shoulder to shoulder, back to no step, together!
Always be first, this is your strength.
Happy Airborne.

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