Bottle with colored salt

A bottle with colored salt is a bright and unusual souvenir for the kitchen practically “from the ax.”
For its manufacture, we will need: a bottle with a lid / cork (preferably of the original form), finely ground salt, gouache paints of different colors.
The bottle should be cleaned of all labels: it should be clean and dry.
Paint (you can also use dried ones) pour water over and to better color the water, size shat with a stick or a spoon.
Add salt to small containers (cups, jars). Pour colored water  intoeachcontainer.Theintensityofthecolorwilldependontheproportionsofpaintandwater:morewater-apalecolor,morepaint-abrightcolor.
Can I use colored salt for food? It is possible if it is colored not gouache, but using natural ingredients (orange peel, dried herbs, paprika powder, black or red pepper, etc.).

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