Coffee Topiary

Coffee TopiaryTopiary - a small artificial tree decorating the interior. It came to us from Europe and quickly gained popularity due to unpretentiousness and beauty. Indeed, this plant does not need to be watered, it is not afraid of heat and cold, and if you make it with your own hands from coffee beans, it will give a true atmosphere of comfort.


Moreover, it can be done by the whole family, together with children, thanks to which it will also give pleasant memories of closeness in the family circle.


How to make topiary of coffee?


If you want to make a topiary of coffee with your own hands, first you need to prepare all the necessary items for this. First of all, choose the right base. A tennis plastic ball is best for this purpose. Since we will make topiary of coffee, we also need coffee beans. At the same time to decorate the tree is best to choose whole grains, and slightly spoiled, you can decorate the trunk. On average, you will need half a pack of coffee beans.


Do-it-yourself coffee topiary: step by step instructions




First, take a tennis ball and cut a hole with a stationery knife into which the barrel will be threaded a little later. After that paint it in any color. It is recommended to use car paint - it is the most resistant. In exactly the same color, you can decorate and pot - the basis for your tree. Wait until the paint is dry, and spread the ball with glue.


It is best to use a glue gun for this purpose, but you can do with an ordinary brush. Then you will only have to put coffee beans on the surface of the ball, preferably in two layers, so that there are no gaps left. First lay out one layer, and then place the second layer of grains in the missing places. Also, as a decor, you can attach branches, artificial leaves and even bows of ribbon.


Coffee Topiary




When the ball is decorated with coffee, you can proceed to decorating the barrel. To make it even easier - just decorate it with string or ribbon. You can also make a topiary of twine and coffee. Having decorated the trunk, insert it into the hole of the ball. Make sure the ball is not loose. If there are any gaps, fill them with cotton wool or clay to hold the ball firmly and evenly.




Now the ready topiary of coffee beans can only be “planted” in a pot. Pre-fill the tank with any bulk material - earth, sand, or you can use gypsum or foam. Here the most important thing is to give the tree stability so that it does not swing. The top layer of your chosen material for a pot can be decorated with remnants of coffee beans - it will look more beautiful than a piece of protruding foam.


Coffee Topiary


If you want to give the tree a more natural look, lay the top layer of green felt and floss threads, add a little wool - so the texture will resemble green grass. If you still have dried spikelets from the summer - feel free to insert them too - they will not overshadow topiary, but on the contrary, make it more natural.


And finally the topiary of coffee is ready! Now you yourself can make sure that making a topiary with your own hands from coffee is not difficult at all. Put a tree in the room, and it will invigorate you instead of a cup of coffee in the morning, and also fill the room with an unusual coffee aroma. Also, you can always give it to relatives and friends, especially if they love coffee.


Now you know how to make topiary of coffee. If there are any difficulties, you can always look at the video about topiary from coffee, or find a step-by-step photo instruction with explanations on how to do such an article.

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