Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Jumpsuit with zippers + diamond jewelery

The summer uniform of a modern Wonder Woman, according to our considerations, should be something like this: a snug-fitting jumpsuit with no deliberate cleavage and jewelery (necessarily expensive!).

Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Bracelet SL, yellow gold (order)Sokolov ring, yellow gold, ceramics, diamond (to order)jumpsuit with a zipper Love Republic (2 499 rubles for a discount)

Lace top and shorts + diamond jewelery

Do you miss boho style? In the summer, you will have plenty of reasons to return to it again. For example, this ensemble you can safely wear both together and separately, and add to it the urban chic diamonds with diamonds will help.

Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Top of the lace Tezenis (749 rubles at a discount)Tezenis lace shorts (799 rub. on discount)earrings SL, yellow gold, diamonds (order)bracelet SL, yellow gold, diamonds (order)

Flared pants and a short top + diamond jewelery

When, if not in the summer, remember the 70s and dress like Jane Birkin on a vacation on the French Riviera. If you look closely, you will see knee-length cuts on these trousers, and an openwork pattern on the top, because white things always look better on the skin than on a hanger (like diamonds, by the way!).

Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Bershka flared pants (1,299 rub. At a discount)top Bershka (799 rub. at a discount)SL pendant, pink gold, diamonds (to order)Sokolov hoop earrings, rose gold (order)

Coat without buttons, mini dress + jewelry with diamonds

For fans of minimalism, white is everything. You can always rely on its imperishable architectural beauty whenever you want to look as perfect as possible. And in case the summer "fails," rescue snow-white coat with long sleeves.

Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Mini dress Uniqlo (1 499 rub.)SL pendant, rose gold, diamond (to order)Zara coat (3 599 rub. on a discount)Bracelet "Jewelers of the Northern Capital", pink gold (order)

Dress with jacquard pattern + diamond jewelery

Evaluate what beauty the designers of H & M conceived: a dress cut like for a Stepford wife from a film of the same name, but at the same time from an ultramodern fabric with a 3D effect of volume.The very case when perfection meets with imperfection and the result is brilliant.

Clothes of white color + jewels from gold with diamonds

Dress H & M with jacquard pattern (9,999 rubles.)earrings SL, pink gold, diamonds (to order)ring SL, rose gold, diamonds (order)

Dress from linen + jewelry with diamonds

Flax is another sign of summer, like white. And the dress of flax in white color will definitely be recommended to you by the older generation, because they still remember the times when the fabrics in honor were only natural, and the style of the dress did not “chain” the figure of its mistress, but tenderly embraced her.

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