Clothes with fringe - the trend of this year (16 photos)

Details can not only complement and complete the image, but also make it bold and original. And this is well known to designers, who decided to pay special attention in 2015 to such an element of decor as fringe. And does it suit everyone? And how to wear things with fringe?

A bit of history

The history of the appearance of fringe is rooted in the remote times of the Indians, who lived many years ago in America. And then this element served not only a decorative function, but also served as protection from rain. The fringe was sewn to the clothes, and the drops falling on it almost immediately flowed down, and things remained almost dry.

The fringe became especially popular among the female half of humanity in the 20s of the last century. It was then that the skirts became extremely short, and the fringe compensated for the length and covered the knees.

But in the 20s such a decorative element was elegant and feminine. But the fringe in the form in which it appeared in the Indians, came into fashion a little later, namely in the 60's. And at first she was a kind of political and rebel attribute.But in the late 60s, representatives of various subcultures began to wear it.

As for the present, the fringe became the real world trend after the release of the film "The Great Getsby". To this day, this element remains popular.

So different

In general, a fringe is called a string with laces hanging loosely on one side, soft fibers, threads or any other pendants. It can be made of wool, fabric, leather, threads, fluffy brushes or even beads.

And each material is unique in its own way and gives decorations to those or other properties. So, leather fringe looks bold and stylish. The fringe from the fabric refreshes the image, and the fringe made of beads makes it feminine and at the same time romantic. Tassels look mischievous and funny.

Who is going to?

Fashionable clothing with fringe goes absolutely to everyone, this decorative element has no age restrictions. And if you experiment with forms, lengths and materials, you can not only create original images for all occasions, but also skillfully hide flaws and emphasize merits. The fringe will fit into the evening, everyday or bright image, but it does not apply exactly to the business style.

What to buy and with what to combine?

In which things can there be a trend of 2015 - fringe? Virtually any! But still, fashion designers advise to definitely purchase several items:

  1. Simple dress. Especially popular in this season, dresses, poncho with a fringe, sewn to the edge. But they go only slender girls. And a lady with appetizing forms should pay attention to the dress of direct cut with a hem, decorated with not volume fringe. Such a thing, by the way, will allow you to simultaneously hide and make sexy legs. A slim girl can afford a dress, decorated with vertical or horizontal appliqués of fringe. In any case, the cut must be as simple as possible, but feminine at the same time. It is better to combine such models with concise, but elegant shoes and inconspicuous accessories.
  2. Be sure to get a youth fringed leather jacket. She will make the image bold and a bit rebel. And wearing such a thing is best with jeans, T-shirts or T-shirts and pretty rough shoes (including heels).
  3. In the summer it will be very useful to have a light top with fringe. Especially bright, stylish and fashionable look short tops, which are best combined with trousers, skirts and shorts with an overstated waist.But if the fringe is long and reaches almost to the hips, then you can choose models with a medium or low waist. In any case, it's better to choose simple and laconic things: trousers-puffs, narrowed or straight jeans, tight midi skirts or mini.
  4. Popular skirts with a fringe, especially midi and mini. Mini skirts can be combined with simple knitted tops, t-shirts or jumpers, and it is better to tuck them in the waistband of the skirt. But a medium-length skirt will look stylish with a shirt in style
  5. If you think that fringe in clothes is too pretentious, then get a bag with fringe, such accessories are very popular this season. On the podiums were presented unusual models with a long fringe, which can reach the floor.
  6. Fashion designers presented stylish coats with several rows of fringe. Direct cut models without unnecessary details are welcome.
  7. Incredibly popular shoes with a fringe. And there are practically no restrictions. So, high boots can be decorated with a fringe. In this case, the strip of fringe, located on the side, will look elegant. Also, boots of medium length with several rows of fringe look bright and original.And you can also buy ankle boots with a fringe. But so that they are stylish and feminine, choose a model with one row of tape, located on the upper edge of the shaft. In the summer you can wear sandals or sandals with this decoration. But in this case the fringe should not be too long.
  8. Get a bright fringed necklace. It can be worn either with an evening or cocktail dress with a sexy deep neckline, and with a simple turtleneck or t-shirt. The longer the fringe, the brighter the image will be.
  9. Bracelet with fringe can be a highlight of the set. But if you put it on, then the rest of the jewelry should be as simple as possible.

Fundamental rules

Several important rules that will make you look bright and original, but not funny and ridiculous:

  • In the kit there should be only one thing with a fringe. The combination of two such bright and complex items of clothing can make the image overloaded and incomprehensible.
  • If you choose a thing with a fringe, then the rest of the clothing should be as simple and concise as possible. And this applies not only to cuts, but also to materials (the fringe does not fit well with textured or voluminous fabrics, since it can get lost on their background).
  • In the photo it is noticeable that the applications from the fringe visually increase the volume of the part in which they are located, but this can be done with an advantage and a little cunning. So, if you have too narrow hips, wear a skirt with a few rows of short and contented volume fringe. Such an element of the pattern will also help make the breast more appetizing. But the fringe at the waist will make it almost invisible.
  • If you put on a fringed thing, then choose the most simple accessories. Jewelry should be low-key and small.
  • Remember that fringe appliqués can not only visually increase the volume, but also make the image ridiculous if there are too many of them. In addition, they should not be placed in a chaotic mess, as the fringe itself is a complex element.

Be sure to get a bright fringed thing to keep up with fashion!

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