Cloth embroidered with Reindeer

Cloth with embroidery Reindeeris a wonderful picnic tablecloth for embroidery with embroidery, you can also decorate an old tablecloth with this embroidery or sew a new one.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. outline, 100x100 cm;
  3. Turquoise polka dots.


Step 1

Mark on a large piece of canvas the place where you would like to arrange embroidery. When the embroidery is ready, remove the marks from the fabric.

You will need four 13 cm wide fabric strips. Pin the first strip to the canvas with embroidery face to face and sew along one edge. Expand and iron the seams. Repeat for the remaining three bars.

Cut a piece of cloth for the backdrop to the same size as the size of the front part. If necessary, you can sew together a few pieces of fabric. Fold the front and back details face to face and stitch on the machine, leaving a hole for inversion.Turn to the front side and sew a hole with a hidden stitch.

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