Recently moved to a new apartment in Moscow and made repairs. After him, such a mess in the apartment, a pile of garbage, dust from drilling everywhere. There is no strength to clean up, how can I handle it? Who did what to quickly get rid of this garbage and restore order
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I think that there is nothing difficult to clean the apartment. Once the repair has started, then bring the case to an end. After repair, cleaning will not seem so difficult. Just fight laziness, and there will be strength
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George Petrov
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It is very difficult to do the cleaning after repair. It is best to order the service from a cleaning company. For example, this can be done at an inexpensive price here. They are professionals in their field.
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We had a similar situation, made repairs, but were so tired that I didn�t want anything else. But we were lucky, the relatives entered our situation and helped us to do everything quickly. We coped with the big company and enjoyed the new repair. But there are also companies that you can turn to for cleaning services.So if you need cleaning, then in Moscow you can contact, for example, this company
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Yes, you can just on the Internet, hire a couple of people, for little money and they will do everything for you and rest and save money. And in general, I believe that there is nothing difficult in cleaning, unless of course you have an apartment there not 200 square meters and a dust layer of 5 centimeters.

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