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Memorial Day of the Holy Martyr Pud, the Mozdok Icon of the Mother of God and the Dubenskaya (Krasnogorsk) Icon of the Mother of God. The preparation of Pentecost. - April 28

Holy Apostle Pud was one of the 70 apostles whom the Lord Jesus Christ sent before Him with the Gospel Evangelism.
The Apostle Pud is mentioned in the Second Epistle of the Apostle Paul to Timothy. He held a high position as a member of the Roman Senate. In his home, the saint received the first apostles, gathered believing Christians. His house was converted into a church, called the "Pastoral." In it, according to tradition, the holy Apostle Paul himself officiated. The Apostle received a martyr's death in Rome under the emperor Nero (54-68), simultaneously with St.. Apostle Paul, Aristarkh and Trofim.

Mozdok icon of the Mother of God.

The Mozdok icon of the Mother of God, a list of the Athos Iberian icon, was sent in the XIII century by the holy Queen Tamara as a gift to the newly educated Christians of the Ossetian aul Maryam-Kadu.In 1768, this icon showed a sign on the banks of the Terek, near Mozdok. Bishop Gaius built a chapel for the icon. In 1796 - 1797, a temple was built on the site of the chapel in honor of the Dormition of the Most Holy Theotokos, during which the convent was soon founded (abolished together with the Mozdok diocese in 1799). At the end of the 19th century, the inhabitants of Mozdok built a magnificent temple in honor of the Mozdok Iveron Icon of the Mother of God. The Mother of God repeatedly rendered an ambulance to the believers through this icon of her own.






Dubensko-Korasnogorsk icon of the Mother of God.

In the Holy Pokrovsky Krasnogorsk Women's Monastery (Cherkasy region, Ukraine) is an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, called "Dubensky".
Even before the beginning of the XVII century (the time of the foundation of the monastery) settled here for a desert monastic life, as a legend tells, a certain hermit monk, a native of Constantinople, settled in these places at the command of the Mother of God who appeared to him in the vision.
The icon before which the ascetic prayed was an image of the image of the Mother of God “Koretskaya” carved by him on the bark of a tree, later covered with paints and dressed in a robe.After the destruction of the monastery, the icon disappeared without a trace.
Soon another icon of the Most Holy Theotokos appeared in the same locality on the oak, which received the name "Dubenskaya". It is still the main shrine of the Krasnogorsk monastery.




The preparation of Pentecost.

On Wednesday of the 4th Easter Week, the celebration of Pentecost is celebrated, that is, half the time from Easter to Pentecost. On this day, one recollects that event from the earthly life of the Savior, when He taught in the temple of the feast of Tabernacles in the temple about His Divine dispensation and the mysterious water, which means the gracious teaching of Christ and the gracious gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Pentecostal Pentecost refers to the ancient Christian holidays. Already in the days of St. John Chrysostom, he is the existing and established St. By the church. In the V century. - St. Anatoly of Constantinople, in the 7th century - prep. Andrew of Crete, in the VIII. - St. John of Damascus, in the IX. - prep. Theophane the Confessor sang the Prelocation in spiritual songs, with which the Church praises the Lord: "The Brotherhood of the Resurrection of the Savior of Christ has been enlightened, and has reached the repose of the feast of the Lord, we faithfully keep the commandments of God, and we will celebrate the Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit."

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