Christmas compositions. Now even if you do not have a bookcase, you will definitely want to buy it.

Multi-level plates or, as they are called, shelves are very comfortable on the table. You can put various sweets and fruits in them, and such dishes take a little space on the table. But in the days free from feasts, whatnot can be useful. Create in them the festive compositions decorating your house.

Not only the Christmas tree symbolizes the Christmas holidays. It will look appropriate branches of any coniferous plants. Complement them with cones, toys and garlands. A freshness of the composition can be given strips of cotton lace.

You probably will have large balls that have no place on the Christmas tree. Spread them on the bookcase, adding another festive decor. This may be, for example, figures of deer.Individually, all the parts look good, but together they are great!

The bookcase can be used to store kitchen utensils. Simply place some evergreens and cones together with cups and bulk containers. Now the kitchen is decorated for the holidays.

Decorate for the holidays and the bedroom. Choose the most exquisite toys and complement them with your own jewelry. You can crown the design of the top of the tree.

Candles on the tree - a classic solution. But if the New Year tree is artificial, this idea will have to be abandoned. An alternative would be a bookcase with needles, which can be used as a candlestick.

Crown your design with congratulatory words. So that no one doubts that the holidays are already very close.

Instead of placing trinkets on different shelves, creating a mess, put them together, combine them into one composition. A few bright toys as a supplement, and the decoration is ready.

The same bookcase can be made out in different colors and styles. In this case, the main characters can be left, but only balls and branches replaced.

You can use a vase for fruit and for its intended purpose. The main thing is not to forget to add the bookcase with festive details.

Now even if you do not have a bookcase, you will definitely want to buy it!

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