Christian Bale again strongly recovered for the sake of the role

43-year-old Christian Bale knows first-hand about the actor's share: before you pick up the coveted Oscar, you sometimes have to go through incredible transformations. In 2004, for example, Bale lost up to 55 kilograms (and this is with his height of 183 centimeters) for the “Machinist” band, after which he had to gain almost 45 kilograms for the main role in the film “Batman: Beginning” by Christopher Nolan. Four years ago, Christian once again decided to experiment with weight - he recovered by at least 30 kilograms for filming in the film “American Scam”, and a year later appeared before the fans in the film “Exodus: Kings and Gods” muscular and pumped up.

Truly, it remains only to be amazed at the endurance and endurance that Christian possesses. Now he is working on a film under the working title Backseat, where former US vice-president Dick Cheney plays, and for this role he once again had to recover not less than 20 kilograms.And, according to the actor, his body is not at all delighted with the metamorphosis. In an interview with Variety Studio, Christian admitted that mainly pies and burgers helped him in preparing for the role. “At first it's easy - you just sit and eat donuts. But when you do this for two months, your body begins to rebel against you, it says: "Please stop, stop." And your back hurts, and you have a lot of problems. ”

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