Choosing the best cream for oily skin

Girls, whom nature has rewarded with a bold skin type like no other, are aware of all the complexities of cosmetic care. With an incorrectly chosen agent and its application, excessive production of the sebaceous secretions may increase and even provoke the appearance of a large number of acne. Therefore, before buying, it is better to carefully read the information regarding the choice of cream for oily skin, as well as its application. But first, let's look at the most important signs that help to say for sure that your skin type is oily.

Cream for oily skin - how to choose

How to determine if your skin is prone to fat?

The most important symptom of the malfunctioning of the sebaceous glands are enlarged pores, which are most often concentrated either in the entire face area or in the T-zone. Very often, the owners of this type are subject to the formation of open and closed comedones. After 2-3 hours, your makeup begins to "swim", then this means that your sebaceous glands produce too much secretion.

By the way, there is one 100% experiment to determine whether your skin is oily or not. To do this, you need to wash with warm water, we do not apply cosmetics, we spend two hours in a room at room temperature and go about our business. After this time, attach a small piece of paper to the area of ​​the forehead or nasolabial folds. If there are greasy specks, then the conclusion is obvious.

Cream for oily skin - how to choose

Rules for the selection and application of cream for oily skin

First of all, pay attention to the composition of the funds. It should not contain vegetable and chemical oils, paraffins and extracts of oil-bearing plants (wheat, sunflower, avocado, etc.). It is great if the cream contains salicylic acid, niacinamide, sulfur, caffeine and retinol. Pay attention to the consistency of the cream. It should be light, almost liquid. If there are testers in the store, then apply a small amount of money to your hand and compare the sensations. If you feel the effect of the film, then for oily skin, this cream is clearly not suitable.

Apply such cosmetics must be on a clean face, pre-lubricated with tonic. Do not use matting cream as a base for make-up - cosmetics will roll.In no case do not apply daytime moisturizing before going to bed - wake up with swelling.

Cream for oily skin - how to choose

Review of the most suitable creams for oily skin

Nivea Visage "Frosted perfection." This product is designed specifically for oily skin. It has moisturizing, nourishing and matting properties.

TimeWise Mary Kay to combat age-related changes. Designed for owners of oily and combination skin, faced in wrinkles and sagging skin.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal. Excellent moisturizing, gives a tone and freshness, improves the complexion. The active components of the tool normalize the sebaceous glands.

As a broad-spectrum cream, you can use a cream for oily skin. For example, Garnier BB Сream, which perfectly masks imperfections, narrows and does not clog pores, moisturizes and nourishes.

Cream for oily skin - how to choose

As you can see, the selection of a cream for oily skin, a kind of small science. Following these recommendations will help you avoid many mistakes that prevent the beauty and freshness of your face.

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