Change number

There are only two reasons why subscribers want to change the phone number - a necessary measure or a profitable solution. If you receive unwanted SMS messages without end and you receive calls with promotional offers and other spam, you have to change the number. If you want to make your contacts more memorable, you can replace the old phone with a beautiful and simple combination of numbers. How to do this, you will learn in our article.

How to change the number on the biline

The mobile operator Beeline makes it possible to change the phone numbers of its customers, offering alternative options absolutely free. The option "Change the number" is available to all subscribers who are within the home network.

Change number

How to activate the service "Change the number" on Beeline:

  1. Contact a specialist by phone +7 (495) 997-07-02 and state your intention to change the number to Customer Support. You will be required to give some passport information, as well as an additional contact number for further communication.
  2. Contact your nearest Beeline office and select the appropriate combination of numbers.
  3. If you want to choose a special number that would be easily remembered, go to the official website and enter the desired numbers in the search box. If you do not like any of the options on the site, call the customer support center and place an order. The cost in this case will be the price of a regular room.

Change number

Change number mts

If you are a subscriber of the operator MTS, change the phone number is not difficult. Moreover, you can change the MTS phone number at least several times a month, but not more than 1 time in 7 days. Such a frequent change of numbers is more suitable for business than for everyday everyday life.

To change the number of MTS, visit the nearest office of the operator, do not forget to take your passport or notarized power of attorney from a person who wants to perform this procedure.

To make a change, without leaving your home, send an email to , after which MTS specialists will help you activate the service. By calling +7 (495) 997-07-02, you can not only change the combination, but also choose the one that is most similar to the previous one.

Important: there is a possibility that the number you purchased has already been used before, and unwanted SMS messages and calls may come to it.

How to change the number on the tele2

Changing the phone number on Tele2 costs 30 rubles. This can be done in any cabin operator, taking with him a passport or notarized power of attorney from the owner of the phone.

Change number

For an additional fee, the subscriber can choose a beautiful and easy to remember number. You can order and purchase the desired combination online at For more information about the service, call toll-free 611 to contact the operator.

How to change your home phone number

If you want to change your home phone number, you need to contact the communications salon of your service provider, taking with you a passport or any other identity document of the owner.

The service of changing the number is paid, and its cost depends on the tariffs set by one or another operator. There is also a risk of receiving unwanted calls if the number was previously used by other owners.

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