Cavitation - what it is, the benefits and contraindications

Beautiful and slim figure - the dream of every woman. Some are struggling with imperfections of the figure and overweight through exercise, others prefer a strict diet, and still others combine these methods. It is not always possible to get the desired result.

In this case, medicine will come to the rescue with advanced achievements, including the cavitation technique. With the help of cavitation, you can improve the shape, reduce the volume, adjust the weight and eliminate skin defects.

Cavitation - what is it?

Cavitation is a procedure in which a problematic area is affected by an ultrasound device.

The low-frequency ultrasound reproduced by the equipment results in the formation of a large number of liquid bubbles. When they burst, the structure of adipose tissue breaks down, which helps to lose weight. At the same time the cellulitis disappears, and the surface of an integument becomes tightened and smooth.

In aesthetic cosmetology applied acoustic cavitation, which resembles ultrasound. In industry, hydrodynamic cavitation is used.

Benefits and contraindications of cavitation

Cavitation - an effective tool in the fight against obesity. By performance is not inferior to liposuction.

Cavitation eliminates fat deposits in the problem area. The effect is visible after several sessions. One procedure eliminates fifteen cubic centimeters of fat and reduces the waist by four centimeters.

What other benefits does cavitation have?

  • Performance. Beauticians give one hundred percent guarantee of getting rid of fat deposits at a certain point.
  • Improved skin. The technology improves the condition and elasticity of the skin. Not every procedure focused on the correction of the figure provides such an effect. The skin retains sensitivity and does not receive damage.
  • Elimination of skin defects after unsuccessfully performed liposuction.
  • Lack of the rehabilitation period.

The research results demonstratedthat the cavitation technique is safe and does not have side effects, except in cases of exacerbation of chronic diseases or intolerance to ultrasound.

Thanks to this achievement of medicine, women are successfully combating wen, cellulite and fat deposits.


  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Lactation.
  3. Renal failure.
  4. Chronic infectious diseases.
  5. Uterine fibroids.
  6. Hepatitis.
  7. Reduced immunity.
  8. The presence of wounds in the problem area.
  9. Bad coagulability of blood.
  10. Diabetes.
  11. Tattoos, scars and implants in the treatment area.

Details of the contraindications tell the beautician before the procedure.

Cavitation technology

Cavitation gets rid of fat in problem points gradually, because during the procedure the beautician concentrates on working out one problem zone. The procedure itself is quite painful. If you simultaneously work on several zones, the girl simply will not stand it.

To eliminate all fat cells in a specific area, at least a dozen sessions are performed at intervals of 5-7 days between treatments. Within five days the body is restored and removes decomposition products after the procedure. It is extremely important to observe a break, otherwise the immunity will be harmed.In general, cavitation is a stressful event for the body.

The duration of one session of cavitation does not exceed 30 minutes. The beautician takes the same amount of time to conduct pressure therapy and a special massage.


  • The technique of cavitation involves the impact on the adipose tissue of low-frequency ultrasound. Due to the low frequency of the current in the tissue bubbles form, the explosion of which destroys the cell walls and splits fat. The bulk of body fat is derived from the lymphatic system.
  • During the session, a special apparatus is used, which is a source of low-frequency sound waves. The device is equipped with several nozzles that provide different effects.

Procedure plan

  • With the help of a special marker is marked the point of impact.
  • The impact point is covered with a layer of a special gel, after selecting the optimal nozzle and slowly moving it over the skin, guided by the sensations of the patient.
  • On processing of one site ten minutes leave. If a girl experiences discomfort, the frequency of exposure decreases.
  • The duration of the procedure depends on the point of impact and is 20-45 minutes.
  • The duration of the course is determined by the initial data and the result that the beauty seeks to get. In most cases, the course provides for 8 procedures, with breaks per week. If necessary, after six months the course is repeated.

Improve the effect of cavitation helps proper nutrition. Before the next session you need to drink a liter of fluid, and after the procedure, pay attention to physical exercise.

How much is

The cost of cavitation is determined by the cabin class, region of residence and area of ​​impact. Price ranges from 30-120 dollars. Removing fat from the belly costs $ 50, from the hips - $ 120, hand correction $ 30.

The main thing is that the procedure was carried out in a specialized salon by the hands of an experienced master using certified equipment.

Cavitation reviews of girls

If you sit on the Internet, visit thematic forums and sites, you can find a variety of reviews of cavitation girls. Some of them are laudatory, others are negative.

Each organism is individual. Therefore, the effect of the procedure is not the same. This is due to the structure of the person, the chemical composition and saturation of the subcutaneous fat layer.

It should be noted that some reviews on the Internet purchased.Must guard much praise. It is possible that this is part of an advertising campaign of a separate salon or clinic.

I will give a list of opinions that I gathered in the network.

  1. Some women agree that cavitation really helps, but pleasure is not cheap.
  2. Ladies who are not afraid of spending in pursuit of a perfect figure, argue that the procedure eliminates body fat and has a positive effect on the treated area of ​​skin.
  3. Some girls complain of discomfort. Most likely, this is due to the quality of the device used in ultrasonic cavitation and the radiation power. To avoid this, you need to undergo the procedure in a cosmetology clinic, which has modern equipment and qualified personnel.
  4. Dissatisfied women claim that cavitation is ineffective or ineffective. However, cosmetologists themselves do not deny that the procedure will not help all girls.
  5. There were also such young ladies who noted that in order to achieve a result, one should follow a diet.

As you can see, the reviews are diverse and multifaceted. Research results show that cavitation is a harmless procedure for the body, since the frequency of oscillations is focused on the destruction of adipose tissue.Muscles and bones are not exposed to ultrasound.

I note that the procedure is compatible with fitness. These methods of correction of the figure perfectly complement each other.

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If you follow the rules and take into account contraindications, side effects do not occur. I hope that with the help of my story you will get acquainted with cavitation and understand whether it is worth resorting to this technology for solving the problem of idealization of physique.

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