Causes of acne on the skin

The occurrence of acne on the body or face is a problem that has repeatedly bothered almost every person, regardless of gender or age. The problem is quite delicate, from which it is not so easy to get rid of, what to speak about the appearance, which is absolutely not happy with others. To begin to eliminate this trouble, you first need to find out the causes of acne, so that the treatment really brings a positive effect.

The period in life, which is most susceptible to all sorts of rashes both on the face and not on the body, is naturally teenage. And this is understandable, because it is during this period that the human body is greatly modified, more hormones are produced, and the body does not have time to produce the proper number of immune cells to protect the skin from all kinds of infections.

At the same time with all this, a large amount of subcutaneous fat begins to be produced, which, in fact, is the main problem.After all, large amounts of subcutaneous fat and clog the ducts, which also can get bacteria, which leads to these notorious acne.

But if everything is approximately clear in adolescence, then in a more adult period it is a bit more complicated. How can I find out the cause of acne on the body?

In order to determine why such a failure has befallen you, it is necessary to examine all possible factors so that, based on the information received, to draw conclusions about what could be an irritant in your case.

So why acne? In fact, there are many reasons, and they are divided into external and internal.

Usually, the main rashes occur in those parts of the body where the greatest number of sebaceous glands are concentrated, namely the face, shoulders, chest and back.

External causes

  • First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the clothes that we wear, as well as bed linen, on which we sleep. Modern manufacturers pretty much tried to ensure that prices were minimal, and the appearance was not inferior to expensive and high-quality materials. By virtue of this, various chemical elements are added to the tissue, which can significantly damage your health.Also do not forget that the abundance of synthetic clothing is not good - the skin is constantly sweating under it, breathing badly and sweat, which is released due to such conditions, contributes to the proliferation of bacteria.
  • It also happens that high-quality clothes and expensive, and irritation appear. This suggests that you most likely have intolerance to some particular component. Typically, in such cases, the rash is small and reddish, immediately pass, if you remove the irritant from everyday life.
  • Allergic reactions to cosmetics. Cosmetics and powders have the same story as clothes. To reduce its cost, they can add chemically hazardous elements that can cause such reactions.
  • The next, equally important reason is improper nutrition. Many doctors, before prescribing any kind of solid treatment in the form of medications, are advised to give up harmful and “fast” food - spicy, too salty or fatty, all kinds of fast foods, soda, semi-finished products.
  • Do not forget that this also includes bad habits, to the full extent, alcohol.All this contributes to the formation of toxins and slags in the body, which are excreted through the pores with sweat. In such an environment, various rashes and inflammations of the skin are almost inevitable.
  • Nervous disorders and stressful situations. No wonder they say that all diseases of the nerves. By the way, excessive nervous tension can cause acne not only on the back or shoulders, but also on the face, as well as on any other parts of the body.
  • Fans of sunbathing in the sun should be careful, because the prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation contributes to the active work of the sebaceous glands.
  • Excessive cleanliness. Yes, do not be surprised, but too frequent cleansing of the skin, such as peeling, destroys its protective layer, which leads to the rapid entry of bacteria and the appearance of inflammation.
  • Another auxiliary reason why acne can appear on the face is the temptation of their constant squeezing. In no case do not do this procedure yourself, it can only be carried out by a specialist.
  • Dirty hands are another factor contributing to the onset of acne, the constant touch of dirty hands on the skin of the face can be another way of transferring bacteria.

Internal causes

  • Hormonal disruptions.As we have said, this most often occurs in adolescence, when excessive fat production leads to blockage of the duct. But not always hormonal storms are a syndrome of transitional age, sometimes it also applies to adult women who may have hormonal failures on the grounds of pregnancy or PMS, gynecological diseases.
  • Disorders of the endocrine system. Yes, it is quite possible that acne is a signal of diseases, the existence of which you do not even suspect. The same applies to the digestive system. Very often, falling out of facial acne signals about bowel diseases, for example, about dysbiosis or constipation, up to malnutrition or abuse of some particular products.
  • Avitaminosis, decreased immunity. Often the problem of unhealthy skin lies precisely in the lack of vitamins. Most often, rashes on this soil are in the winter-spring period, when the body weakens and replenish its forces more difficult than in the summer or autumn.

There are cases when ordinary acne is complicated by the appearance of boils. If a simple pimple is cured is not an easy task,then a boil is a rather serious ailment that leaves visible consequences after itself - ulcers, they are transformed into large scars.

In order not to reach such serious consequences, it is necessary to treat emerging rashes promptly and correctly. You also need to know that removing acne is a laborious process that can take more than one week to completely get rid of the disease.

How to solve a problem?

Of course, the surest way is to run the problem with a specialist first. But you can not do hasty actions, and try to figure out which of the causes of acne has overtaken you, it may be sufficient to change cosmetic products for skin care or change clothes, if it is in the majority of synthetic fabrics.

Proper nutrition and active recreation, or sports, can also be excellent helpers in the fight against acne. If after 2-3 weeks nothing has changed, then it is better to consult a doctor.

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