Candice Swanepoel sharply responded to criticism of his figure after giving birth

Less than a month ago, Victoria’s Secret angel Candace Swanepoel and her fiancé Hermann Nicoli had their second son Ariel. Just two weeks after the birth, the supermodel hit the paparazzi lenses on the beach, and the tabloids hurried to post pictures to the Web. Photos are not discussed only the most lazy ...

After learning about the criticism of her figure, Candace decided not to remain silent, but to speak out on her Instagram page against body builders. “Look, this is my body 12 days after the birth of my son. If you want to criticize ... look at yourself first! - wrote a 29-year-old mother, laid out a beach photo taken by the paparazzi. - Society can be cruel to each other. Nowadays, beauty standards are sometimes simply unattainable for women. I do not hesitate to show my tummy after childbirth. Actually, I'm proud of him. ” “I had a son in it for 9 months. “I think I deserve the right to have a little tummy,” added Candace.- Is that all because I am a model? Well, we are also people, so leave me alone and let me enjoy the sea and the sun. "

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