Camping stove with high efficiency

Hello everybody! This is a stove for cooking in the open air. She can take with him on a hike or to the country, where there is no stationary plate. The stove is made of stainless steel, but you can use ordinary steel for repetition.

The idea of ​​a stove-stove

This stove-stove is not quite a standard design: the idea is that the fire warms the air between the sides, and that in turn rise the air. In the upper part, heat from the fire and warm air are mixed.
The furnace design diagram
This furnace design increases the burning rate of flue gases. The low pressure created by the passage of warm air pulls more heat out of the combustion chamber, a more complete combustion of the fuel takes place, without unnecessary emissions. The whole furnace resembles a carburetor from a car, where the optimum mixture is prepared, the air is mixed with the fuel. Experimental variant, which has proved itself well.True, making such a design with double walls is not easy. In other respects it's already become a classic - a rocket furnace.

Making a furnace

So the lower part of the furnace looks like: legs of bent sheet. On the sides of the hole, for cold air intake.
camping stove
The top view is a mixing chamber.
camping stove
Also the top view. Circle is welded to install a pan or pan.
camping stove
Side view - a camera for throwing firewood with a flap.
camping stove
camping stove
camping stove
stove for camping
The flap also acts as a regulator of air supply to the combustion chamber. For ignition, it must be fully or partially open. Well, when all the wood broke out - the valve needs to be closed. It made the optimal holes for the desired amount of air supply.This gives complete and burning wood in the chamber. Thanks to all these conditions, this stove has a higher efficiency.

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