Blake Lively with a new haircut even fans will hardly recognize

Blake Lively shared with Instagram followers a shot from the movie Rhythm Section - the film adaptation of the first of four novels by British writer Mark Burnell “Stephanie Patrick” about a girl who lost all her relatives in a plane crash and wants to get revenge at any cost. That's just in the picture, even loyal fans recognized the actress with great difficulty, because the heroine Blake wears a black short haircut instead of long light curls, and looks more like a boy.

Blake Lively Publication (@blakelively)Dec 2 2017 at 2:33 pst

The film "Rhythm section" promises to disrupt cash at the box office and become no less popular than "Girl with a dragon tattoo", which means that for this it was worth going to a small beauty victim, namely to wear a wig. Yes, yes, Blake didn't need to shave bald like Kate Hudson or gain weight like Charlize Theron.

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