Bidding via the Internet

Bidding via the InternetDepending on where you live, you can have several good high-speed options for a reliable Internet connection. Cable and DL connections, as a rule, provide quite a satisfactory result.


For security reasons, the use of wireless communication networks should be avoided. You can use such networks only if you know how to configure such a network in order to protect yourself from prying eyes that are trying to find out information about the trading operations you perform and the status of your account. Bidding via the Internet requires security.


Browser selection

You can use almost any modern browser. Despite the fact that you have a chance to find a website that uses some browser functions, this option is rarely used today. Internet Explorer, developed by Microoft, comes free with the Window XP operating system. This version of the browser perfectly meets your needs.


How to protect your computer from all sorts of trouble

The Internet is a very dangerous environment. You must protect your computer system and the data stored in it from attacks from vandals, hackers and people who want to profit at your expense. Make sure that programs that provide protection against viruses are installed on your computer, and periodically update these programs, as they provide protection only against viruses that existed at the time of developing these programs.


The program Antiviru, developed by ymantec, quite copes with the task of detecting and eliminating viruses. It is able to automatically update its virus database. More information about the Norton anti-virus program can be found at www. ymantec. com. The program Virucan, developed by McAfee ecurity, also received high user praise. Further information can be found at www. mcaf her com.

We also recommend that you use a firewall. You can use this free software firewall version, like Zone Alarm from Zone Lab. Unlike the freeware Window XP firewall,Zone Alarm monitors your Internet connection, detecting Trojan horses and worms trying to break into your computer. The use of such remedies is becoming more urgent. You can also install a hardware version of the firewall, which is more reliable than the software version of the firewall, and also allows you to share your Internet connection with several other computers.


Finally, it is very important to install a "security patch" in the operating system of your computer in a timely manner, especially if your computer is running the Window operating system. Most viruses are created for the Window operating system. That is why it is so important to install the latest security patches on this operating system.


The Windows XP operating system can be configured in such a way that it automatically detects the presence of system updates. To do this, click on the Start button, select Settings in the menu that appears on the screen, go to the Window Control Panel and click on the System Properties icon.Then you need to click on the Automatic Update tab and select the appropriate update option for your operating system. You can also go to the Window update site to make sure that all the required system patches are installed on your operating system.


We will show you what knowledge you need to have in order to successfully analyze the fundamental condition of stocks and markets. You need this information because it is in this part that you will learn how the general state of the economy and business cycles affect your trading operations and how you should analyze the financial statements of companies in order to find the most suitable candidates for execution of purchase / sale transactions. shares. We also explain the roles played by stock analysts and show how you can take advantage of the fruits of their activities to improve the efficiency of your stock purchase / sale operations.

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