Best Fantastic Movies

Some films literally shake the mind and make you believe in what seems unreal and impossible. If you like a genre like science fiction, then by all means find out which films of this genre are the best.

Best Fantastic Movies

We offer you the top 10 best films about fantasy:

1. "Butterfly Effect"- an incredibly dynamic and fascinating film that combines elements of drama, thriller, fiction and mysticism. The plot is striking in its unreality, and the idea makes us think about a lot. The picture was shot in such a way that sometimes it is difficult to understand where the main character is. Frightening events and unexpected plot turns make you constantly in suspense.

Butterfly Effect

The protagonist of the film, Evan accidentally discovers that his diaries give him unrealistic opportunities. The guy took notes from his childhood and after years realized that they could help him correct mistakes and avoid some of the consequences of his actions. Now you can go to the past and change the future.But what will happen if the correction of one mistake entails another mistake that can be fatal? Evan did not think about it.

2. "Avatar"- cult film by James Cameron about an unknown and unique life. In the story, people fly to another planet called Pandora and try to establish contact with its inhabitants. But the goal of mankind is the extraction of a unique mineral that will help get incredible energy and save the planet Earth from an energy crisis.


Of course, the inhabitants of Pandora against the destruction of the planet. Jake Sully is a former military man who is assigned to establish contact with local residents. He is chained to a wheelchair, but with the help of unique technologies he can immerse himself in a special state and move around in a different guise. He gets on Pandora, meets a beautiful woman of the planet and enjoys amazing views of the local nature. And at one point, Sally realizes that she no longer wants to return to her former human life.

3.If you recall quite old films, it is impossible not to mention such a masterpiece of fiction as"Artificial intelligence". This is a heartfelt and thought-provoking film worth your attention. The world of the future is threatened by catastrophes associated with global warming and pollution. In this regard, people were forbidden to have children.

Robots that can not only carry out commands, but also show feelings, come to replace children. One of the robots (boy David) falls into a family whose members have decided to activate the program of disinterested love. David is loyal to his family, but can he love?

Artificial intelligence

Will his mind overtake hatred? By the will of fate, the robot child is in a dangerous world. But he is ready to do everything to love him as much and unselfishly as he loves.

4.The list includes a movie"Divergent". According to the story in the world of the future, all people are divided into factions. Representatives of each of these factions have a certain quality: erudition, renunciation, fearlessness, friendliness and sincerity. There are also outcasts, considered to be the dregs of society. Every teenager who has reached the age of 16 must choose a faction in which he will remain throughout his life.


It is difficult to make a choice, especially when no quality manifests itself so strongly as to be basic.Young Beatrice Prior passes a test to determine membership in any faction and learns that she is different from everyone. People like her are called divergents. They are destroyed, as everyone believes that they threaten society. Will Beatriz and other divergents be saved?

5. "Riddick". Riddick wants to return to his planet Fury and save it from destruction, but it turns out to be in a completely different place. Traitors are trying to kill Riddick, but he miraculously remains alive. Soon he discovers that on a planet he has fallen on, there are some other inhabitants besides him.


The entire surface is literally teeming with monsters and monsters who constantly hunt and dream to kill Riddick. The same, in turn, recalls the old times and the instincts of self-preservation and becomes much more dangerous than it was ever. Soon mercenaries arrive on the planet, whose task is to catch or exterminate Riddick.

But that one is stronger, smarter and more agile than the rest. And with the monsters that are about to climb to the surface, the mercenaries do not know how to fight. And all he wants is to escape from this black spot and return to Fury.

6. "Beginning". Listing the best science fiction films, you should pay attention to this masterpiece. The plot is sometimes so unexpected that it is quite difficult to follow all the events. Cobb is a very talented and intelligent thief. But he doesn’t steal money or even jewels, but ideas and thoughts from the human mind during sleep.


Such unique abilities gave Cobb a lot of opportunities, but they also made him a dangerous enemy to the government. He is forced to hide, but gets a chance to correct mistakes.

But the task is very complicated, because Cobb should not steal a thought, but implement it. The guy picks up a team of assistants and begins to act, but encounters enemies and finds himself in the most unexpected situations. Can Cobb do everything he needs to wake up?

7. "Excellence". Will Custer is a talented scientist who dreams of creating a program that would not only be the highest intelligence, but also possess the full range of emotions and feelings inherent in man. But some of Will’s activities are considered dangerous. As a result, Caster is wounded by a bullet with polonium and begins to slowly die.


Will's wife Evelyn and his friend Max Waters decide to use the brain digitization algorithm and practically turn the mind of a scientist into a program.Make it work out, and Caster can now live again, but only in the computer. The ambition of a scientist makes him do what he could never do. Will becomes omnipotent, omnipresent and very dangerous.

8. “Route 60”. Neil Oliver is a young and contented young man. He has everything: a car, money, a beautiful bride, and a future successful lawyer career. And all would be nothing, but once again Nile dreams of a mysterious stranger. And then Oliver meets the crank O.Zh, Grant, who offers the guy to go on a trip around highway 60 and deliver the package.

Highway 60

But there are no tracks with this number on any map, and the journey turns out to be unpredictable and even dangerous moments. On the way, Neal meets unusual people and asks questions to the ball predicting the future. But Oliver wants to change his life and find the mysterious stranger that he saw in a dream, so it is impossible to stop him.

9. “The Truman Show”. Truman Burbank is the most common person living the most ordinary life. But in fact, everything is not so. Each step of Truman is watched by millions of viewers, his hometown turns out to be a set of scenery, and his friends, relatives and acquaintances are actors.

The Truman Show

Producers of the show can change the weather and guide the thoughts of the main character. And yet Truman begins to understand that he is a pawn in someone's game. Too many inconsistencies in the life of a guy who for 30 years has been the only participant in a grand TV show. Truman decides to at all costs to find out the truth and escape from his native city, but he constantly interferes with something. The real world is dangerous and cruel, but Burbank dreams of seeing him.

10. "Fields of Darkness". The writer Eddie is depressed and, wanting to get out of this state, decides to test the effect of a secret and forbidden drug. Eddie achieves incredible success and becomes rich, but he does not suspect that the magic bullet has side effects. Trying to find out at least something about the drug, Eddie finds out the truth, which did not make him happy.

Areas of darkness

Now you know which films are the best in the world and deserve attention.

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