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Beauty Recipe: Seeing Spots

graphic eyeliner

With ink jet eye makeup seen on the runway at Lanvin and Emporio Armani (among others), the statement look is both one of the biggest fall trends and one of the more challenging to pull off. Not for the faint of heart, going for a bold, black look takes some serious skill, but the end result is completely worth it. One of our favorite variations on the trend was the look above from Anna Sui, which actually incorporates the graphic eye look, too. Winged on the top and spotted on the bottom, this eye makeup is practically begging for a selfie. Learn exactly how to get the look below!

Liquid Liner: Grab your favorite liquid liner for this look and be ready with a steady and. Begin by lining your top lash line from the inner corner all the way across, then winging out and up and the outer corner for a dramatic wing. Continue the wing back towards the inner corner, but swoop down a bit and follow the line just below your crease. You can either fill in the space with liquid liner (and give yourself about two full minute of dry time before opening your eye) or fill in with black eyeshadow, next. On the bottom lash line, use your liquid liner to apply small dots about two millimeters apart from each other, and give yourself about 30 seconds of dry time.

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Black Eyeshadow: With black eyeshadow and a small, angled brush, fill in the space inside the outline of the liquid liner. If you already filled it in with liquid liner, go over the black with eyeshadow, which will keep everything in place — and keep it from creasing — for much, much longer.

Q-Tips: Unless you’re a ninja with liquid liner (and if you are, we want your secrets) you’ll likely need to clean up some lines and even out the wings on both of your eyes. Use a Q-tip with just a drop of water to remove any stray marks, and if you need to cover up skin after a swipe of black eyeshadow, you can put a dab of concealer on the Q-tip to remove and conceal at once.


Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots
Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots images

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2019 year - Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots pictures

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Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots picture
Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots images

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Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots new photo

photo Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots
pics Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots

Watch Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots video
Watch Beauty Recipe: SeeingSpots video

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