Bead Crocodile

Bead CrocodileDo you want to house a small reptile in your house? This is easy to implement! A miniature crocodile made of beads is able to weave even beginner needlewomen. And it will take quite a bit of time. Today we will show some simple crocodile weaving patterns, thanks to which you can quickly master beadwork.
There is no better occupation than making crafts out of beads. It perfectly calms the nervous system, develops fine motor skills and provides tremendous opportunities for the realization of your creative ideas.

How to make crocodile from beads?

There are several options: for example, the figure can be three-dimensional or flat, you can round the tail, attach keys to it and use it as a keychain. Or lengthen the entire structure and get a beautiful bracelet. For the figure, the technique of parallel weaving is used - very simple and affordable.

Method number 1

First we will have a voluminous three-colored crocodile. To make it you will need:

  • Fishing line - 80 cm
  • Black beads for the eyes - 2 pcs.
  • Light and dark green for the body - 70 gr.
  • Yellow for the abdomen - 60 gr.
  • Scissors


  1. The weaving technique is really very simple: put the fishing line through two beads, make sure that they are exactly in the middle. Tighten the loop and complete the circle. On the other side of the line we add two more pieces, we make the next loop and carefully tighten. The second row should be near the first, then continue to weave in the same way. Gradually add beads on both sides of the line and form loops. As in this photo:
  2. With head figured out. Now the turn of the paws has come: we collect 4 beads of green and 3 dark green (the last three will go on the feet) on either side of the thread. Beads for paws leave aside, and through the four main skip the thread in the opposite direction. Press it tightly against the body so that there is no free space. We do the same on the other side, and then we continue to work according to the previous scheme.
  3. Now you can call yourself an expert in making 3D crocodiles. It remains only to finish his tail. We decided to make it in the form of a ring. After you have completed the last two rows, add seven or eight large beads on either side of the fishing line. We make a loop with the help of the last two beads, stretch and tie the knot.And your crocodile bead ready!

Tip: If you take larger beads for the back, and smaller for the abdomen, the figure will be convex.

Method number 2

Next, consider another way weaving the crocodile. For him you will need:

  • Polyamide thread - 150 cm
  • Green beads - 100 pcs.
  • Black - 2 pcs. for eyes, 1 pc. for nose
  • Needles for weaving


  1. We string the needles on the thread. We pick up the black bead and pass it through the thread, make a loop and we have a nose. Now we pass two more pieces and connect with the nose. With another needle, pull the thread in the opposite direction. It should make a triangle. We move it to the center and tighten it.
  2. Now we catch 3 pieces, push them to the others. Put another three on the other needle and move it in the opposite direction. Make sure that the beads are the same color and size.
  3. In a row with five beads you need to weave 2 pieces of black color - these are the eyes.
  4. Then we work, just as before, until you reach the last row, on which the head ends. It is necessary to attach the paws of the animal. To do this, we string 4 beads on a needle, then we pass the thread in the opposite direction and add 4 more pieces.They will be a continuation of our back. We tighten the paws tightly to the body.
  5. With another needle, we perform the same manipulations with the second paw. We continue to collect the beads until we get to the end of the tail. Put the last bead on the tip and finish the weaving. Tie a knot and cut it off with scissors. Funny and very cute product is ready! We work on drawing:

Tip: If you have beads of different sizes, you can reduce their number in rows or add more so that they are evenly distributed.
Similarly, you can make other animals, such as a spider, a turtle or a dog. Try it and you will succeed.

Crocodile Bead Video.

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