Bandana - we tie the original accessory correctly

Accessories are able to revive any of the most boring image, for this they are needed. For example, the most common bandana can become a real bright and creative accent, if properly tied up. And how to do it originally?

What is a bandana?

Bandana looks like a simple scarf, in fact, it is the same. Today such an accessory is very popular among young people, and it can be called universal, as it can be worn by both girls and boys.


Today, many bandanas are used as sun protection or just for decoration. But initially it was intended for little else. For the first time the bandana appeared in Spain, and there she played the role of protecting the face and head from the sand. Then the idea was adopted by American cowboys who decided that such a scarf would help protect the neck from the sun, which was constantly open and often burned.

How to make a choice?

It is fashionable

How to choose a bandana? What should I pay attention to?

  • The form.Handkerchiefs are square, triangular and even rectangular. Triangular bandanas are lighter. Tying rectangular is quite difficult, it's not very convenient. The square shape is universal and gives free rein to fantasy. You can also buy a so-called transformer, which can be transformed into a scarf, hood, hat or bandage.
  • Material. The choice is huge, so it will not be easy to decide. Consider the time of year. So, for the winter period, you can choose a dense fabric or even skin. In summer it is best to wear air-passing cotton handkerchiefs or light and beautiful silk.
  • Colors. It all depends on your personal preferences. Black, gray and white colors are combined with almost any tones. A bright handkerchief will help dilute the image and add color.

Who is going to?

Bandana is suitable for almost everyone, you just need to be able to combine it with clothing and properly tie and wear.

What to wear?

Ideal for street style

What can I wear with a bandana? Great variety of options.

  • If you wear a beautiful bandanna with a bright color, using it as a bandage over your head or bezel, you can safely wear dresses, blouses, skirts, tops and other feminine clothes (except evening dresses and classic suits).
  • If you wear a headscarf in a classic way on your head, then in this case the rock style would be an ideal option: leather jackets, ripped jeans, voluminous t-shirts and tops and so on.
  • Often bandanas are rappers, so they go well with wide pants and even with baseball caps. In this case, the baseball cap can be worn directly on top of a handkerchief tied to the head.
  • Such an accessory is perfectly combined with clothes in country style: long skirts, loose sundresses, Cossack boots, worn jeans, denim jackets and shirts, loose cardigans and other similar things.

How to wear?


The options are just incredible! Such an accessory can be worn on different parts of the body and in a variety of ways. Here are a few:

  • On the head. You can tie a bandana as a scarf, and you can twist it and use it instead of a rim or bandage. Also, with such a handkerchief, you can tie long hair in the tail, it looks very original.
  • On the neck. Wear bandana as a neck scarf or tie a pioneer tie. Why? Very original.
  • On the hand. The scarf can be used instead of the bracelet.
  • You can also wear a scarf and thigh.
  • On the hips.Knit a scarf over a skirt, shorts, breeches or jeans.

How to tie?

How can I tie a bandana? Almost as you like, it all depends on exactly what part of the body you are going to wear it. We offer you fresh ideas.

On the hand

As an option

If you decide to tie a bandana on hand, then proceed as follows:

  1. Fold the headscarf into a triangle.
  2. Starting from the top of the triangle, wrap the bandana. You should have a strip 5-7 centimeters wide.
  3. Now put a folded handkerchief on a table or other flat surface, place your wrist in the middle.
  4. With your free hand, throw the ends of your handkerchief over your hand so that they are parallel to each other and nearby. Hold the intersection and turn over your hand, putting it on the table again.
  5. Flip the ends again.
  6. Either tie the remaining tips, or fill the edges of the bandanas (you can fasten with pins for reliability).

On the neck

On the neck

The first way:

  1. Fold the scarf in a triangle and bend it several times, starting from the top. It turned out a strip.
  2. The center of this strip is placed on the neck. At the same time, move the free ends back, cross them under the back of the head and re-direct to the front of the neck.
  3. Tie the ends.

Method Two "Cowboy":

  1. Fold the headscarf into a triangle. At the base, make one bend.
  2. Place the bandanna at the neck so that the base is under the chin and the top is looking down.
  3. Put the ends back. If they are short, then there and tie them with a simple knot. And if long, cross behind and connect in front. Make a simple knot and straighten the vertex of the triangle so that it closes the knot.
  4. Done!

On the hips

Everything is simple:

  1. Fold the bandana with a triangle. It should be big enough to wrap the hips.
  2. Knit a scarf directly on top of the jeans on the hips so that the top of the triangle is on the side and facing down. Make a simple knot.

On the head

If you decide to tie a bandana on the head, then there are a great many ways.

The first way "Classic":

  1. Fold the headscarf into a triangle.
  2. Place the base of the triangle on the forehead so that the top is at the top.
  3. Tie the ends on the nape, at the same time tucking the triangular tip of the scarf behind them.

Method Two "Pirate":

  1. Fold the bandana with a triangle, fold it in half. It turned out a wide strip.
  2. Attach to the forehead and tie the ends on the back of the head.

The third way "Hippies":

  1. Fold the scarf in a triangle, fold it several times to make a strip.
  2. Attach the center to the forehead.
  3. Connect the tips at the back of the head, tie up once, and wrap the ends around the strip.

Fourth method "Convenient":

  1. Fold the headscarf into a triangle. Place it on your shoulders so that the base is located near the neck and the top looks down.
  2. Now pull the base to the neck under the hair.
  3. Tie the tips on the forehead.
  4. The top of the triangle is pulled through the head to the knot, collecting all the hair, and tuck it under the knot, and then pull it out and refill it, but already upwards above the knot.

Method Five "Bezel":

  1. Fold the bandana with a triangle, fold it several times to make a strip.
  2. Place the middle on the back of the head.
  3. Tie the tips on the forehead or side. If the length allows, tie a bow.

Method Six “Horsetail”:

  1. Fold the scarf with a triangle, twist it into a strip.
  2. Tie your hair, stretching the handkerchief under them.
  3. Tie up the hair at the top, leave the ends.

The method of the seventh "For haymaking":

  1. Fold the bandana with a triangle, place the base at the back of the head so that the top looks up.
  2. Tie ends on the forehead.
  3. The top of the triangle fill the base.

Bandana is original, fashionable, stylish, comfortable and just beautiful.

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