Art books that can be used as guides

It is hardly possible to find a book more suitable for a vacation than a fascinating story occurring in the place you went to. In Istanbul, you need to take the book by Orhan Pamuk, to India - “Shantaram”, to America - Ilf and Petrov with Mark Twain ... Where else will we go?

Greece, Corfu: "My Family and Other Animals", Gerald Darrell

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"My family and other beasts", Gerald Durrell

Gerald Darrell, a zoologist, writer and a man with an excellent sense of humor, spent the most important years of his childhood on the Greek island of Corfu: from ten to fourteen years old. During this time, young Jerry managed to erase the entire small but colorful island along and across, having studied its inhabitants. Many years later, Gerald Durrell wrote two novels about the charming island: “My family and other animals” and “Birds, animals and relatives”. Corfu during the development of the tourism business has changed a lot.But if you go from the coastal main road to the middle of the island, you can see fantastic olive groves, orange trees, and lizards sitting on old stone walls, and hawks looking out for prey. And in the capital of the island, it’s worth taking a stroll through the Venetian streets and enter the church of Saint Spyridon, which Jerry and his beloved relatives visited.

Austria, Vienna: "Hotel" New Hampshire "", John Irving

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"Hotel New Hampshire", John Irving

John Irving - the famous American writer and winner of the Oscar for the script for the film "Rules of winemakers," based on his own novel. He wrote the story of a strange family whose father had dreamed all his life about his own hotel. One day, so that the dream could come true, the family moved from a provincial American city to Vienna. Their Viennese hotel "New Hampshire" is filled with terrorists and prostitutes, a girl-bear meets visitors, the air pops there from electricity between brother and sister, and in the life of every hero a stuffed Labrador periodically speaks with a nickname Grustetz. In order to be enchanted by this talented absurdity, to follow in the footsteps of the heroes in Vienna, you need to get to the very centerto the tiny Kruger Strasse street, to drink a delicious coffee in the famous Cafe Sacher, to find yourself in a Viennese opera, where, as you know, you can get just 4 euros for a standing place.

Sweden, Stockholm: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, Stig Larsson

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“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, Stig Larsson

You can dwell on one novel, or you can read the entire trilogy of Swede Stieg Larsson “Millennium” about fascinating investigations led by journalist Michael Blomqvist and hacker with a complex character Lisbeth Salander. Stockholm in these books is a full-fledged character, it is not in vain that guided tours are conducted around the city, based on the movements of the characters. Usually the route starts on Bellmansgatan Street, Building 1. It was there that Larsson settled Michael Blomkvist.

Nepal: “The Road to Annapurna”, Marina Moskvina

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“The road to Annapurna”, Marina Moskvina

If you want to visit Nepal and climb Mount Annapurna, but fear that you are not sufficiently prepared, read how unsportsmanlike, but inspired writer Marina Moskvina climbed the Himalayas and gained invaluable experience. In the book you will find practical advice, a lot of impressions, described with a firm author's humor, and feel how great it is when the world responds to a person.

Spain, Barcelona: The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Safon

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"Shadow of the Wind", Carlos Ruiz Safon

The mystical novel of the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Safon about the mysterious cemetery of forgotten books, which sent the hero to incredible and terrifying adventures. Blood-cooling events take place in the first half of the 20th century bathed in the hot sun of Barcelona.

Russia, St. Petersburg: the collection "To live in St. Petersburg"

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Collection "To live in St. Petersburg"

Among the authors of the collection with the long title “Live in St. Petersburg. From Palace to Sadovaya, from Gangutskaya to Shpalernaya. Personal stories »Evgenie Vodolazkin, Tatyana Tolstaya, Tatyana Moskvina, Valery Popov, Nikita Eliseev and many other famous Petersburgers. Each of the authors tells a short story of a personal relationship to the city, talks about cherished points, iconic streets, squares, bridges, houses. Many writers looked at Peter differently, from Dostoevsky to Vodolazkin with his Aviator, but the almanac is good because he collected a lot of "his Peter" in one book.

Italy, Venice: “Only Venice. Images of Italy XXI ", Arkady Ippolitov

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“Only Venice. Images of Italy XXI ", Arkady Ippolitov

Arkady Ippolitov is an art historian, an employee of the Hermitage, who oversees many high-profile exhibitions, a delicate writer.He followed in the footsteps of Pavel Muratov, who wrote the obsolete three-volume book “Images of Italy” over the century, and in its own way revived Venice, added colors, sounds, taste to it. Ippolitov plunges into history and emerges into the present, enjoys the detail of the art essay and complements it with the romance of personal perception. Before you go to Venice, it is worthwhile to open the book of Ippolitov, preferably six months before the trip, and take a very concentrated chapter a day. You will come to Italy already in love.

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