Angelina Jolie traded black for pink

Just look at the changes: Angelina Jolie for the first time after the news of the divorce from Brad Pitt, she stopped posing as Maleficent! Over the weekend, she and her children flew to Cambodia for the premiere of their new film with the not very positive title “First they killed my father.” And, it is impossible not to notice, she was in just a wonderful mood: this was not only the color of her dress (not black, as usual, but ... pink, with a fuchsia shade!). In an interview with the BBC TV channel, Angelina first touched upon the topic of divorce and did not send a curse to her ex-husband, but, on the contrary, spoke of him with warmth.

Everything that does not kill us makes us stronger. Many people go through parting. Now I am totally focused on children. On our children.

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