And I fly hunting: features of popular airlines in the world

Features of popular airlines of the worldHealthy competition is always good, especially for improving the quality of air travel. It is she who often raises the level of service and provides a variety of additional services. But there is one small drawback: in a huge number of airlines it is easy to get lost to an inexperienced traveler who is in search of "his" carrier. If you are one of these tourists, we offer you a small overview of the key features of the world's largest airlines, which we prepared together with - the best Russian search engine of airline tickets.

Native wings: the most famous carriers of Russia

Let's start with domestic companies, since most of all flights of Russians are flights within the country. Among the popular air carriers of Russia are Aeroflot, Transaero and S7.
Aeroflot is the largest domestic and one of the world's largest airlines.Today, it is considered one of the most reliable - in the past 17 years not a single crash has happened to Aeroflot aircraft. The maintenance of this indicator is strongly supported by the presence of the youngest fleet in Europe, the high professionalism of the flight crew and the many years of experience in transporting passengers around the world. In addition, Aeroflot is a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, which allows its customers to participate in profitable bonus programs.
Transaero is Russia's second largest carrier. Approximately 85% of all its flights are international, which makes Transaero a serious high-level company. If we talk about security, then Transaero is in 6th place in Europe and 16th in the overall world ranking of the most reliable carriers. In addition, this company is distinguished by the successful implementation of the latest innovative technologies. For example, they were the first in Russia to start selling tickets via the Internet and remain the only domestic company whose services can be paid for with electronic money.
Another popular Russian carrier S7 is a vivid example of a competent rebranding.And bright in the literal sense of the word: the airplanes of this airline are of catchy lime color, so it is simply impossible not to notice them at the airport. Among the advantages we can mention: a convenient mobile service that allows you to check in for a flight with an electronic coupon, a fast airmail service “flying envelopes”, a bonus program. In addition, S7 is part of the world's largest Alliance OneWorld, which is based on such “monsters” as British Airways and American Airlines. Well, the best deals on tickets for all the above companies can be quickly found on the convenient search engine

Features of popular airlines of the world

Sky giants: the world's most famous air carriers

By the way, about the "monsters". If we talk about the most famous and popular airlines in the world, then 2 such articles are not enough. There are a lot of air carriers who are ready to fight for the status of the best in the world. Among them are recognized companies with a nearly century-old history, and younger ones, which have already managed to make a name for themselves thanks to the high level of service and professionalism of employees. Therefore, we simply note those carriers that deserve special attention, as the most popular global airlines.
German Lufthansa is famous for its comfortable airplanes and high quality of service. This company is especially popular with passengers with children, as there are special cradles for toddlers and entertainment kits for older children on board the aircraft. For almost a century of experience (the year of its founding in 1926), Lufthansa brought its air service literally to perfection. But at the same time the company has kept the availability of ticket prices, which you can check on-line at the website.

Another company known for increased comfort, and in particular, comfortable seating and large distances between them, is Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong). This Asian concern annually carries millions of people around the world, and almost all of them are satisfied with the conditions of the flight. In addition, Cathay Pacific has a code-sharing agreement with the railways of France, thanks to which you can spend miles earned on free railway tickets throughout Europe.
Among young, but ambitious companies I want to mention Airbaltic and their sensational slogan: "Tickets for the price of a box of chocolates". Such an economical proposal, of course, can not but interest,but at the same time raises concerns about the quality and safety of this Latvian airline. However, in fact, Airbaltic is a vivid example of a combination of quality and economy. Judge for yourself, only 10 years have passed since the founding of the company, but the number of passengers has long exceeded 1 million. This figure speaks for itself: cheap flights can be comfortable. Moreover, among the code-sharing partners of Airbaltic are such giants as Lufthansa and British Airways, whose quality of service is difficult to doubt.

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