Anastasia Reshetova walked down the street without a skirt

In this form, the girl went to the economic forum in St. Petersburg.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde, the chief editor of Bloomberg holding John Mikletveyt ... and others, other powerful people of the world will gather these days at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) and, dressed in solid costumes, will be talk about global issues and ways out of them ... Longing, and only! Another thing is our Anastasia Reshetova. In order to somehow brighten up this boring (albeit important) event, one of the most beautiful girls of Russia went to it. And she reacted attentively to the dress code: the jacket was put on.

But nothing more.

Anastasia Reshetova knows a lot about dress code on serious forums
Photo: @ volkonskaya.reshetova

No skirts, no pants — only long, tanned legs that can distract any economist from serious thoughts. However, as to whether they are required here, doubts have crept in: this jacket looks like a dress.That is, maybe this is not a jacket at all, and the dress is just ultra-short and of such an intricate style that looks more like a jacket. In general, if the PEMF guests get bored, they have something to discuss, besides the presentations. In addition, however, the outfit doesn’t hide the bra: the model also flashed her breasts for more piquancy.

Interestingly, who of the coolest officials went to listen to Anastasia herself? And she will listen to ... Zemfira. “The mood to listen to Zemfira and dream. What will I do now at a special island event in honor of SPIEF-2018 Kommersant! Peter, I love you! ”- confessed Reshetova in her Instagram. And she acted wisely: if she had given preference to one of the speakers, the others would certainly be offended.

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