An interesting fan is very easy to make.

Although the summer is already over, but the warm days still continue to delight us. Yes, and in the cold season in the room can be very stuffy. So a fan can be a useful and irreplaceable thing. And if it is made by hand, it will be a wonderful and original gift.

How and from what to do?

Real masters and craftswomen know that all ingenious is simple, and the most unnecessary things can be very useful and find a second life in a homemade thing. So if you have a box with unnecessary things in the closet or in the closet, then it's time to get it and study it. There may be many interesting items.


As for the manufacture of the fan, then there are many options. You can make a folding fan or one-piece. We offer you unusual and original ideas.

Some original ideas

So, how to make a fan with your own hands? We offer interesting options.

Option One

Simple option

This is a beautiful and unusual fan of ordinary plastic disposable forks. Here's what you need:

  • 23-25 ​​disposable plastic forks (an odd number is required);
  • 1 meter of lace (better to take wide);
  • artificial flower (you can use another element of the decor, for example, a butterfly);
  • rhinestones for decoration;
  • thin satin ribbon;
  • white thick cardboard;
  • corrugated cardboard;
  • old compact disc and glass (they will be used as stencils);
  • transparent resistant glue (you can use the "moment");
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

Preparation method:

  1. To begin, let's prepare the basis for the fan. To do this, on a thick cardboard circle a compact disc, cut out the circle, draw a line of diameter and cut the shape into two equal parts.
  2. On corrugated cardboard, circle the top of the glass. Cut out the resulting circle and also cut it in half along the diameter line.
  3. Now take a larger cardboard semicircle, turn it with its back side towards you and paste it to its middle with a smaller one so that the bases match.
  4. Take the forks and glue and start shaping the frame of the fan. Their handles should rest against the corrugated cardboard, but not over the edge. Lay the forks so that their denticles touch each other.Immediately stick them to the base. The total number must be odd, remember this!
  5. Now take the second large cardboard semicircle and stick it to the base so that the front side is at the top. The pen is ready.
  6. Take a thin ribbon and start threading it between the handles of the forks. Start at the bottom, secure the tip with glue. Having made one row of interlacings, start doing the second (it will go the other way). Continue until you reach the teeth. Cut the tape and glue to secure its edge.
  7. Lace gently pass through the teeth of the forks, bend the ends and fasten.
  8. Decorate ribbons and lace with rhinestones.
  9. Glue an artificial flower on the handle. The original fan is ready!

Option Two

From paper

You can make a folding fan out of paper. To do this you will need:

  • 2-3 sheets of A4 paper (the amount depends on the number of bends of the finished fan);
  • dense cardboard;
  • glue;
  • paints, markers or pencils.

Preparation method:

  1. Everything is very, very simple. Take a piece of paper and color it. Turn on the fantasy and paint flowers, butterflies and so on. To do the decoration can be offered to the child.
  2. Now place the sheet horizontally and roll it up with an accordion. Choose the width of the bends yourself, but the smaller it is, the more effective the finished fan will look.
  3. Glue another sheet to the edge of the sheet and continue folding it with the harmonica.
  4. Now place the lower edge of the accordion with glue and fold it, simultaneously stitching it together. Instead of glue, if desired, you can use threads and a needle.
  5. Start making pens. Cut two pieces of cardboard that are equal to the width of the bend. To calculate the optimal length of the strip, add 15-20 centimeters to the width of a sheet of paper. If the cardboard is not two-sided, it is better to cut 4 strips, gluing them in pairs in reverse (it will look better).
  6. Now glue each strip to the edge of the accordion. Handles are ready.

Option Three

Chic painting

Make a chic Japanese fabric fan. You will need:

  • the cloth;
  • thin plywood;
  • awl;
  • pencil;
  • paper;
  • thin ribbon;
  • glue;
  • lace;
  • scissors and stationery knife.

Preparation method:

  1. First you need to make a plate. To do this, cut out plywood 10-15 strips 40 centimeters long and 1-1.5 centimeters thick. If you wish, you can paint the plates with paint, so the fan will look even more attractive.
  2. Now fold all the plates and make a mark on the bottom edge of each of them. Cut holes using awl.
  3. Pass the string through the holes (it can be pushed through with a needle), simultaneously connecting all the plates. Tie a string with a knot, then make a beautiful bow. Cut the edges (so that they do not crumble, you can cut them with hot scissors heated on a fire).
  4. Now, on a sheet of paper, lay out the frame so that a semicircle is obtained, and the plates are located at equal distances from each other. Pencil on paper, mark the upper contour, below draw a line, connecting the edges of the contour.
  5. Draw a small semicircle under the upper contour so that you have a kind of rainbow. Cut it out.
  6. Attach the paper pattern to the fabric, cut the part. By the way, the fabric should be not crumbling and at the same time not very dense. It is also desirable to have on it thematic Japanese drawings and patterns.
  7. Now begin to glue the fabric to the plates, starting with the one that is folded down at the bottom. Place the last plate over the cloth and stick to the front. Otherwise, the fan will not close.Make sure that the plates lie flat and are located at an equal distance from each other.
  8. You can decorate fabrics with beads, stones or rhinestones, but it is better to leave everything as it is, because Japanese women prefer minimalism and modesty.

Fourth option

Make a creative fan of feathers. Here is what you need:

  • cardboard;
  • the cloth;
  • lace;
  • feathers;
  • pencil;
  • compass;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

Preparation method:

  1. First, take the feathers and measure their "bare" part, that is, the base. The resulting length will be the radius of the semicircle base.
  2. Using a compass, draw a semicircle on cardboard with a radius equal to the length of the base of the pen. Cut out two such details.
  3. Now cut two semicircles from the fabric, using cardboard bases as templates.
  4. Turn one cardboard semicircle upside down. Begin to stick feathers to it, placing one next to the other and walking in a circle.
  5. From above paste the second cardboard semicircle so that the back side is inside.
  6. Glue the fabric parts to the cardboard bases.
  7. Now glue the lace to the upper edge of the fabric. Done!

Use a fan made with your own hands, with pleasure or give it to someone.

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