Americans urge to boycott Ralph Lauren

Creating an outfit in which the first lady of the United States appears at the inaugural ball is a great honor for every American designer. However, this time many of them, including Tom Ford, have vowed not to dress Melania Trump as a sign of disapproval of her husband’s policies. “I urge fellow designers to boycott the inauguration,” wrote in an open letter to Sophie Telle, a favorite designer of the former first lady Michelle Obama.

However, as we already know, not everyone supported this appeal: at the solemn ceremony of the spouse Donald Trump appeared in the sky-blue pair of Ralph Lauren. Melania didn’t just buy something from Ralph Lauren: a sheath dress and a jacket with a sleeve ¾ (the image was immediately compared with the Jackie Kennedy outfit in 1961) were created specifically for her. “The first lady chose an outfit from a designer who changed American fashion — Ralph Lauren,” said a spokeswoman for Ms. Trump proudly. And it began.

“They immediately attacked us with criticism,” complain brand representatives.The hashtag #BoycottRalphLauren appeared on Twitter, calling for a boycott of the designer.

“Ralph Lauren has offended many women, and we will not forget this. Supporting tyranny is unacceptable! #BoycottRalphLauren #imwithtomford. "

"I never bought anything from @RalphLauren and now I certainly will never buy it"

“Worn Ralph Laren the past 30 years. But now everything! #BoycottRalphLauren »

“I’m putting #RalphLauren on my blacklist. @RalphLauren - no moral principles #boycottRalphLauren »

And this despite the fact that Ralph Lauren himself tried to express his apolitical position, also creating for the inauguration and outfits for Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

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Jawarhalal Nehru in 1962

Photo posted by Melania Trump (@ 22 2017 at 4:31 PST

But jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. He got off with little blood, no one boycotted him, but everyone argues - what was in the blue box that Melania gave to the confused Michelle. Among the guesses is a silver frame for a photo, a key chain for a new home of the now former presidential couple in Washington, or a plate in the shape of a pineapple, in memory of Obama's Kenyan roots.

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