Alternative Christmas tree on the wall

If you live in a confined space, then we suggest you dress up an unusual Christmas tree directly on the wall. Such a spruce tree does not crumble, it does not take up much space, nobody will touch or drop toys from it. The very spruce and toys are mounted on the wall with pins. The advantage of this mount is obvious, pins do not leave marks on the wallpaper. After removing the Christmas tree on the wall will remain barely visible punctures. Consider the cost-effectiveness of such a Christmas tree, it is made of plain corrugated paper. In a word, not a tree, but a dream! Making an alternative Christmas tree is easy enough. It can decorate it as an apartment and an office in which you work. So, let's start creating the original Christmas tree.
Alternative tree on the wall
1. We will need: • Several colors of corrugated paper. • • Tape. • • Scissors. • • Stapler. • • Threads. • Pins.
We will need
2.We cut out two rectangles from paper.
 cut out two rectangles
3. We put each in an accordion.
 We fold the harmonica
4. Cut off the corner.
Cut the corner
5. Fold in half each piece and join the stapler.  Fold in half
6. We join the two halves into a circle using the same stapler.  join the circle 7. The core is pulled by a thread. We pull the core 8. For our original Christmas tree, prepare as many circles as possible in various sizes.  more circles 9. Tape the contours of the future tree.
 contours of the future Christmas tree
10. The tape is fastened with pins.
 with the help of pins
11.We hang our toy circles. Christmas tree is ready!
 Alternative Tree on the Wall

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