All the secrets of networking

In the modern world, sometimes everything is decided by connections and acquaintances. But how to look for such acquaintances and to benefit from them, not “sitting on the neck”? Networking can teach all this. What is it? What are the basic principles of networking?

What it is?

What does this unusual word mean? In fact, nothing complicated here. Simply put, networking is the establishment of connections and business contacts, as well as the search for new acquaintances in order to extract benefits and solve their personal problems. What does this give?

Business conversation

It is not a secret for anyone that in many situations, communications solve not only a lot, but almost everything. For example, your new acquaintance, whom you have aroused sympathy, can bring you together with a large buyer and even tell about your decency. But business is not the only field of application.

In normal life, communication can also be useful. For example, with the help of acquaintances, you can find a good doctor, arrange a child in a garden or school, or find something necessary. That's what networking is. But do not think that obtaining benefits is a fundamental point.

If you constantly use people, soon they will understand this and stop helping you. To avoid this, you should follow certain rules.

How it all began?

Networking first appeared in the distant 70s of the last century, and later it took shape as a whole scientific movement. The starting point was the “6 handshakes” theory, which was proposed by two psychologists Jeffrey Travers and Stanley Milgram. They suggested that every two people living on the planet are connected to each other by only five common friends of different levels (that is, the sixth level will assume the presence of a friend).

Unites the whole world

That is, almost all people are familiar, as it were, but through their mutual acquaintances. Later this idea was slightly developed and transformed. More pragmatic people have suggested that with the help of connections you can solve your problems. This is how networking appeared, which is developing and successfully flourishing to this day.

Types of networking

In total, there are two types:

  1. Positive networking. It involves the search for new friends in order to provide their services and offer their knowledge and skills. That is, a person gives more.
  2. Negative networking.In this case, dating is used only for the purpose of extracting benefits. At the same time, the man himself gives almost nothing to his acquaintances.

To build long-term relationships, you need to combine two kinds. This means that, using the services of another person, you should be ready to provide yours at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Networking has its drawbacks and merits. Let's start with the positives:

  • New acquaintances are interesting, especially for sociable people.
  • In a difficult moment, you can ask for help to a friend or friend.
  • Communication can be used for almost any purpose, be it work or personal questions and affairs.
  • Many are satisfied that they can be useful to someone.

Now about the disadvantages:

  • People who do not have the skills to communicate, make new acquaintances can be very, very difficult.
  • To be able to take advantage of help, you need to keep in touch, otherwise they will simply forget about you. For many, this is tiring, others simply do not have enough time to communicate with all their friends. And if a person is uninteresting or unpleasant to you, then you will not want to communicate with him at all.
  • Some friends may literally "sit on the neck" and constantly ask for help. And it is very, very annoying.
  • If you are asking for the help of other people, you must be ready to provide your services too. For some, this is burdensome, while others, asking for help, feel obliged to their assistant, which can be depressing.

Basic principles of networking

The business consists of cells

Some people make mistakes when building connections, which prevent them from asking for help in the future. And how to engage in networking? There are several principles and rules:

  1. It is important to be able not only to take, but also to give. It is noteworthy that it is also necessary to give correctly. Do not do this with the appearance that you are difficult to help or you are doing yourself a favor. Asking for help in return will help you, but out of a sense of duty. And in the future, cooperation and even communication with you will cease, be sure of this, because such people are not very much favored.
  2. Always be sincere and honest when communicating with people. Do not lie, embellish reality or exaggerate your abilities. Nothing good will come of it. Just be yourself and treat people with kindness, it will certainly have the interlocutors to you.
  3. Always be ready for new acquaintances. If you absolutely need to start a conversation with some “necessary” person, then do not wait until he comes to you, because the water does not flow under a rolling stone. Come and start a conversation. And you should also have business cards with you to offer them on time. If you just introduce yourself, then a person can simply forget about you, and the acquaintance will not be useful and productive.
  4. Learn to communicate. Do it easily and naturally, never play the role of an important person, do not be too familiar, it scares. Forget about rudeness and learn the right speech. If you cannot even connect two words, then no one will want to communicate with you.
  5. Do not be intrusive. This applies not only dating and chatting with people, but also requests. That is, if you once asked a person about something, you should not constantly remind yourself. If help has not been given, or the promise has not yet been fulfilled, it means that either the person cannot do anything for you and is afraid to report it, or does not want to help you, or is simply an irresponsible person. Just do not deal with him in the future. You can remind yourself only once or twice, not more.
  6. It is important to always keep in touch with everyone you know. Yes, this may seem difficult, especially if there is not enough time even to communicate with relatives. And yet sometimes quite simple "How are you?" Or congratulations on the holiday. For example, at corporate party go to the person, talk to him. And if someone has a birthday, just send a text message or a message in a social network.
  7. Do not talk or gossip. Do not make silly conversations about distracted things. Yes, it is possible to support some topic, and jokes are relevant and funny. But if you constantly “persecute” jokes, then you will be perceived as an unserious person. And if you start discussing some kind of mutual acquaintance, then they may stop communicating with you at all.
  8. Surprisingly, sometimes not good friends can come to the rescue at the most difficult moment, but those you know only superficially and indirectly. So keep this in mind and do not hesitate to ask for help from those you know little. And if they turn to you, do not refuse, referring to the fact that you do not have to apply to such a person.
  9. You should not treat badly those who are on a level or several levels below you.Perhaps, it is to such a person you will have to address at a difficult time. All must be equal.
  10. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to seek help from those who are not very pleasant. Forget about your emotions, they can stop you. And even if an unpleasant person asks you something, be ready to help him. Remember that life sometimes presents the most unexpected surprises. Anyone can be helpful, and the impression can be deceptive.
  11. Do not believe the rumors. Sarafan radio works fine, so any data may be unreliable. Information needs to be verified.

Happy networking to you!

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