Advantages of the latest technology

The newest series of testing machines has passed various tests. The machines of this series used a very reliable series of designs that are distributed throughout the world. This fact not only convinces in the quality and reliability, but also in the long-term service life of this equipment. As a rule, in all enterprises that produce similar equipment, a synchronous servomotor and a servo controller were used for a new series of test machines. These components have very convenient settings and controls. All the actions of the units can be calculated to the smallest detail, which is very important when testing different products.

The specificity of management combines several functions simultaneously. Automatic speed control takes place in the real time mode. In addition, in this technique there is an adaptive filter, which allows it to perform much more actions than current models. The entire machine control system is fully computerized.This allows you to track all actions taken. This technique is presented on the site, which has a large assortment of the latest machines.

An important feature of the technology is that the operation mode can be executed manually or the device can be used by a test algorithm programmed by a specialist. This expands the privileges of the machine sufficiently and makes it possible to perform cyclic experiments.

In order to perform some of the tests that are rarely used in practice, which the customer sometimes requires, it is necessary to equip the machines with additional devices. They are selected on the basis of the wishes of the customer. This process adds newfangled technology to another advantage.

The technique of the new series can be used in different production areas. As a rule, they are used in the laboratories of stationary and mobile type, to determine the quality control. Also, new machines are used for various studies in the metallurgical and automotive industries.

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