Advantages of hot scissors

Thick, well-groomed hair is an undeniable sign of a beautiful woman. However, not everyone can boast of luxurious hair. Why? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. On the one hand - insufficient density. On the other - the lack of a specific care. On the third - split ends, which negate all efforts to give his hair a decent look. And, it would seem, both masks are selected and vitamin complexes are taken, but there is no result. What to do?

What does hair consist of

To begin with, let's define what hair is. It has a three-tier structure:

  1. The inner layer - consists of a soft substance, not keratinized cells.
  2. Cortex - is about 90% of the hair.
  3. The outer level is the scales of keratinized substance in 8-9 layers, successively covering one after another, like tiles. And only if your hair is full of strength and health, these layers fit tightly to each other.The curls are shiny, elastic, with an attractive appearance.

What does care include

To achieve this appearance of your hair, you need not only pay enough attention to timely care for the scalp. It is necessary to organize a full-fledged diet, intake of a sufficient number of vitamins and trace elements, and most importantly - use the exact haircut technique that will allow you to fully reveal the beauty of your hair.

Innovation in cutting technology

Until 2003, this problem was not completely resolved. However, with the invention of the German company Jaguar technology, allowing you to seal the ends of the hair when cutting, a new era in hairdressing has begun. It is about cutting with hot scissors.

When using this technology, each strand is sealed under the influence of high temperature of the blade, while maintaining all the important internal trace elements. It is thanks to the “hot haircut” that the locks do not lose the ability to self-regulate, that is, to restore the internal structure independently.

To achieve a noticeable result, one procedure is enough.With at least three haircuts, the result is preserved for a long time, allowing you to effortlessly give your hair a stylish and well-groomed look.

For owners of long hair, cutting with hot scissors is as relevant as possible. Regular exposure to curls in the form of hot air, high temperatures of hair straightening irons, forceps or curls - all this leads to injury to the hair structure and its separation. And if you add to this and the periodic effects of dyes - the broken ends and dull appearance of your hair are guaranteed.

Hot haircut, thanks to its technique and equipment used to avoid these problems. At the same time, the exposure time is so small that it does not injure its structure, namely, it seals it, thereby preserving it from destruction.

You can find out the cost of cutting with hot scissors in Apriori beauty studios, one of the best in St. Petersburg, at It is not high and much less than the amount you spend on the rehabilitation and restoration of health and attractive appearance of your hair if the hair for a long time will not be proper care.However, it is worth noting that only a high-level professional can carry out this procedure.

Haircut hot scissors allows you to enjoy luxurious, smooth hair without split ends on average from 2 to 4 months. Of course, in the future it is worth repeating. Regular use of this technology will allow you to forget about the problem of split ends and visually increase the volume of your hairstyle at the expense of a healthy, brilliant and well-groomed appearance.

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