About these crazy inventions of the last century you just did not hear

The twentieth century was rich in all kinds of discoveries and inventions, in some ways improving, and in some ways complicating our lives. However, in the next compilation you will see inventions about which almost no one has heard. Why? See for yourself.

1. Roller Massager

The gadget consisted of metal rollers, which during rotation had to “rub” the intimate parts of the woman’s body.

2. Teleki

Nothing like?

3. Device for creating dimples

4. Motorized surfboards

5. Radio Hats

6. Points for lovers reading

7. Life jackets

8. Rollers running on a gasoline engine

9. Hood to protect the head from water while taking a shower.

10. Window cage for walking children

11. Foldable bridge

12. Bath brush with built-in mirrors to see the back

13. Bicycle for the whole family

14. Masks to protect the makeup from the rain

15. The mask from a hangover

16. Foot bikes

17. Baby carrier


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