A gift for loved ones {52 Reasons}

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This is an extraordinarygift, made with your own hands using playing cards and collages. You can give it to your beloved forValentine's Dayor for Birthday.

We want to offer to offer you aoriginalnotebook that you can do with your own hands. After a certain number of years, it will be necessary for you to remind your Beloved Forgetful Husband“why did he still marry you”. We will make a notebook not from something there, but from a deck of cards!

What do we need with you:

A deck of cards. You understand perfectly well - the more cards, the more reasons you have to come up with.

Cut from magazines or photos. You will need to spoil more than one page of a glossy magazine or book in order to be used in the manufacture of a gift.

Adhesive.In this case, anyone will do, but I recommend that you ask the store what kind of glue does not turn yellow over time.

Writing Accessories. In this case, any color and not only pens, markers, markers, pencils, etc. will do. Here you can spin the computer, let it work too!

Connecting rings, you can find them in the shop for scrabbooking or tear them from the block notebook. If you don’t have a store or a notebook, look for a beautiful ribbon in the tone of the deck of cards.

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