A flower garden for the lazy: what can be grown in the country

A sunny place, nutrient-rich soil is the only conditions for a flower carpet that will delight the eye before the first frost.

With the help of brightly blooming, unpretentious annual plants, even the most inexperienced summer resident can create a unique flower bed. If you use seedlings, in a day of emptiness your garden will be decorated with a dense flower carpet. The incredible richness of colors and shades of annuals allows you to create different color compositions, the design of your flowerbed will not be repeated from year to year.

Annuals grow rapidly, many of them easily take root during the flowering period, which makes it possible to update the flowerbed even during one season.

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Planting and care

  • Deeply loosen the flower bed, distribute and apply compost over its entire surface.
  • If you buy seedlings, choose young plants with blossoming buds. Thanks to this, you will be sure that you get the flowers of the desired tones.
  • Do not purchase seedlings with elongated shoots, luxuriantly blooming. Very often, such seedlings do not take root well.
  • Water the plants in drought.
  • Mulch the ground with mowed grass or leaf compost to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth.
  • Feed every four weeks with liquid fertilizer dissolved in water for irrigation.
  • Remove faded buds.
  • When cutting plants for a vase, cut the stem near the ground, thanks to this new shoots will appear faster.
  • Scatter the ashes or the broken eggshells around the plants, and then the snails and slugs will not be able to feast on your flowers.

What flowers will take root at their summer cottage

Asters Dragon (Callistephus chinensis):height - 70 cm; stunning beauty large, the size of a saucer, flowers; colors - ivory, purple-neon, bright red.

Marigolds upright (Tagetes erecta):height 60–90 cm; yellow, orange and brown flowers; suitable for cutting; distance between plants - 40−50 cm; blooms from June to frost.

Begonia ever flowering (Begonia semperflorens):height is 20-30 cm; pink flowers, white or red; leaves are fleshy, green or colored in purple tones; distance between plants - 15−20 cm; blooms from June to September.

Godetia grandiflora:height - 25−40 cm; flowers are red, pink, white; blooms from June to October.

Iberis umbrella (Iberis umbalata):height - 20−40 cm; flowers are red, purple, pink; blooms from June to August.

Calendula officinalis (Calendula officinalis):height is 20-30 cm; yellow and orange flowers, blooms from June to October.

California Poppy (Eschscholtzia californica):height - 25−40 cm; flowers are red, yellow; blooms from June to October.

Portulaca grandiflora (Portulaca grandiflora):height - 20 cm; flowers from red to yellow; blooms from June to August.

Salvia bright red (Salvia splendens):height is 20-30 cm; flowers are red, purple; distance between plants - 20−30 cm; blooms from May to September.

Swamp Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum paludosum):height - 20−25 cm; white flowers; blooms from May to October.

Celosia cristata:height - 30 cm; flowers from red to yellow; blooms from June to September.

Zinnia graceful (Zinnia elegans):height 40–60 cm; flowers of terry, red, orange, yellow, pink or white shade; distance between plants - 25 cm; blooms from June to October.

Some perennials are also cultivated as annuals; they grow only during one growing season, since they cannot winter in our latitudes in open ground.

Verbena tough (Verbena rigida):height - 25-30 cm; purple flowers; blooms from June to October.

Snapdragon (Antirrbinum majus):height 10–35 cm; multicolor; blooms from May to October.

Nasturtium large (Tropaeolum majus):height - 25-30 cm; creeping plant with bright yellow, orange or red flowers; blooms from May to October.

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