8 strange places where people are stuck

There are days when you shouldn’t go out, especially when you end up in the center of a police or fire rescue operation because you are stuck in an ATM. Below are eight similar situations that required calling emergency services.

Slot machine with toys

A giant transparent container with toys is a paradise in the imagination of any child, and they all try to get there by any means. Three-year-old Jamie Bracken-Murphy from the city of Nina (Tipperary, Ireland) decided to get there through a small hole from which they pull out toys, and got stuck in a slot machine. The boy was there for about 10 minutes, until one fireman convinced him to get out the same way. Jamie's father, Damien, was not very surprised at his son’s pranks and said that this naughty, smart boy always went beyond what was permitted.

Traffic cone

In 2013, in the town of Hemel Hempstead (Hertfordshire, England), one man decided to put a traffic cone on his head for a joke,also known as a curbstone. To his horror, a large plastic cone put it on his shoulders and stuck there. John Waterman, witness of this incident, filmed it all on his mobile phone. As he later told reporters of the Telegraph publication, this is not often seen in broad daylight on Sunday in the center of this city. The man spent more than two hours in this form, until someone bothered to call the police.

Cement hopper

Unknown stuck in a cement bunker at the site of recent construction work in the city of Aurora (Illinois, USA). He climbed into the bunker to clean it, but the cement remaining at the bottom hardened around his feet. The firemen took more than two hours to extract it from there. According to the local fire brigade, this man was taken to the nearest hospital with minor injuries, but was sent home the same day.


In 2016, Norwegian Kato Bernsten Larsen ran into a serious problem when he got into his public toilet tank behind his friend's mobile phone and got stuck there. Unfortunately, in the tank, which is not connected to the sewage system and is emptied only occasionally, it was full of feces.In addition, in addition to the stench that caused Larsen to vomit, an unknown creature bit him there. He remained there until the arrival of representatives of relevant organizations. According to Larsen, this was the most disgusting incident in his life.

Giant stone vagina

Tourists and residents of German Tübingen are well known for a giant stone vagina (Chacán-Pi), created by Peruvian sculptor Fernando de la Hara. In 2001, this impressive sculpture was installed next to the Institute of Microbiology and Virology at the University of Tübingen and has since attracted many tourists. And in 2014, an American student stuck in the gap of this 32-ton monument, who decided to arrange a photo session for himself. To save him, 22 firefighters were needed, which the Guardian magazine jokingly called "midwives."


Sometimes playing hide and seek can lead to very unpleasant consequences, as is the case with one Australian from a suburb of Melbourne. In 2014, he climbed naked into a washing machine with a top load to surprise his beloved one. But, unfortunately, he could not get out.Rescuers were able to get him out of there, only generously smearing it with olive oil. After this incident, the first constable Luke Ingram in an interview with reporters of the television company Australian Broadcasting Corporation advised everyone not to get into household appliances. However, this board was probably not heard by another Australian, who next year was also stuck in a front-loading washing machine. Rescuers managed to get him out of there, just dismantling the entire car.

Children's swing

If your friends will offer you to climb into a children's swing in a public park, you can safely say that nothing will come of it. One person from Vallejo, California, USA, tried this in 2011. Although he managed to climb onto the seat with a liquid detergent, he could not get out. When his legs began to swell, his friends threw him all night. He was saved only after 9 hours, when the superintendent heard his calls for help at 6 am. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a man received a non-life-threatening injury.


In this case, it would be possible to make a joke about Santa Claus, but when you get stuck in the chimney of your house for 4 hours, this can hardly be considered a cause for laughter.At the end of 2016, one person from Tucson (Arizona, USA) forgot the keys of the house and decided to take them, having entered his dwelling through the chimney. Although it was initially a very bad idea, he almost managed to do it: his legs were already in the fireplace when he suddenly got stuck. The firemen were able to pull him through the roof. He was covered in soot, but no longer got any injuries.

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