7 TV shows that are worth watching

Is it not springy nasty and cold? We have prepared for you a review with the best TV shows that started a couple of years ago. Perhaps this is one of the last chances to spend cozy evenings under the howling wind of the house. After all, the real spring very soon.

Pedigree Drama

A series about the fact that blood ties mean a lot

A large family of Rayburns gets together to celebrate an important event. He comes to his home and his elder brother, the disgrace of the family, the loser and the outcast. With his arrival, trouble begins for the whole family, but the middle brother, who became the sheriff, really wants to save the elder.

The online service Netflix ("Orange - hit of the season", "House of Cards") lays out all the series of the season in one fell swoop, for which many thanks to them. So a psychological thriller drama with long conversations and beautiful views can be enjoyed right now.

Comedy "One big happiness"

Sitcom about a lesbian, her best friend and his English wife

Lizzy and Luke are best friends.They rent an apartment for two, they know each other's secrets by heart and are persuaded: if there are no regular partners next to them for up to thirty years, then they will have a child. Lizzie is a lesbian, but this, of course, does not bother anyone.

When Lizzy learns that he will soon become a mother, Luke suddenly marries an unfettered Englishwoman Prudence. Now the three of them will have to live together and feel like a family.

Sitcom probably wouldn't have been worth a penny if it weren't for Elisha Cuthbert, who plays Lizzie. Who does not remember, this is the same "Neighbor" from the film ten years ago about a teenager in love. So, to watch Elisha, depicting a lesbian, a separate humorous pleasure.

Comedy "Together"

Proof of the happiness of ordinary losers

A married couple (she is a charmingly disheveled housewife, a little crazy without social activity; he is an intellectual restraining emotions) her sister (an energetic loser in her forties) and his brother (balding unlucky loser) come to forced guests. Relatives willingly and lovingly receive and arrange to live in a common room.Often ridiculous, not achieved special success, completely ordinary, with stupid desires and dreams, someone with a marriage that is bursting at the seams, someone alone, these characters want to become happy, like each of us. And sometimes they even get it.

Drama "Slap"

Family drama in great performance

Last year, director Lisa Holodenko presented a wonderful TV series "What does Olivia know?" With Frances McDormand in the title role. Released in 2015, the mini-series "Slap" with a scattering of great actors (Peter Sarsgaard, Mackenzie Lee, Zachary Quinto, Brian Cox, Uma Thurman) also deserves attention.

A drama is played out in a large family of Greek émigrés: at the celebration, one of the men struck the face of a mischievous child. How each of those present relates to this and which skeletons fall out of all the cabinets at the same time is described on the example of one of the characters in each series. Particularly touching is the story of the intelligent heroine Uma Thurman, dating a young actor.

Comedy "The Last Man on Earth"

Cheerful post-apocalypse

The virus has mowed down all of humanity on planet Earth. Only Phil Miller remained alive.While searching for survivors, Phil traveled all over America, but, finding no one, he stopped in a mansion, hanging the Van Gogh paintings on the walls.

He made himself an alcohol pool for bathing from “margarita” and a pool for excrement, made friends in the form of different-format balls (like the hero of Tom Hanks in “Outcast”), met a mannequin, in general, pretty fallen and slowly began to go crazy. But Phil's dream came true after all: he met another man, and they turned out to be a woman ... True, not exactly the one he dreamed about.

Comedy "The Kimmy Schmidt Is Unbending"

Comedy about a decisive girl who started all over again

Kimmy Schmidt - a girl who, as a child, a charming maniac preacher lured into the basement by deceit, telling stories about the apocalypse that had happened. Fifteen years later, Kimmy and her three friends in misfortune were released.

Kimmy Schmidt starts a new life and goes to New York. First of all, she buys glowing sneakers, lets you steal a full backpack of money and learns a new style of dancing. Slowly, life is getting better: Kimmy rents an apartment in half with a flirtatious African-American gay, gets a job as an housekeeper in a house to a rich but unhappy fife.

After fifteen years in the dungeon, Kimmy admires the simplest things, never gives up and believes that you can find a way out of any, even the most hopeless situation. Jokes in the series invented Robert Carlock and Tina Fey (she also starred in one of the roles), and their authorship almost always guarantees a cool game of absurdity. And another bonus: the lead singer Ellie Kemper is very similar to Renee Zellweger in her best years.

Fantastic drama "Returned"

Remake of one of the best French TV shows of recent years

The inexplicable happens in a small town: people who were considered dead by all begin to return home. The returnees have no idea what happened, do not consider themselves dead, and are trying to return what they had: family, friendship and love of loved ones.

The series is worth a look, if only because it is a remake of the French TV series Les revenants (“The Call of Sorrow”) with very beautiful zombies. American zombies are also good, landscapes are also romantic and gloomy, and residents of a small town are equally subject to stereotypes.

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