7 of the sexiest cities in the world

Novels and travel - certainly one of the most enjoyable pleasures in life. And what if you combine these two nice things and make yourself a passionate vacation? In travel journals you will find a lot of city ratings - from budget and romantic to exotic or comfortable for families with children. But we decided to focus on tourism with a bit of seduction and find out if there are cities in the world that emit sensuality and lust, like sex symbols on the covers. Consider that this is also an idea for future trips, both alone, and with a partner and with girlfriends.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The northern capital is a city more lyrical than erotic, if we take into consideration the long summer days and short nights, the romantic atmosphere of the Neva with ships, steamers and columns-bridges, which are still being asked to become decorations for a mini trip with a dear person. However, St. Petersburg has another fame - alcoholic (for good reason, every fashionable guide to the city now begins with a line "in St. Petersburg - drink").And, as is known, where there is alcohol, there are unexpected acquaintances, ardent intrigues, and afterparty-kisses from the same Neva or even on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, if everything goes further. It is better to look for places for “hunting” in the area of ​​Vosstaniya and Mayakovsky streets - there are also small cafe-clubs for creative young people, and bars for all nightlife that rustle around.

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