5 most high-calorie foods in the world

While the whole world actively tries to lose weight and stubbornly chooses the most non-calorie and light foods for food, there is a separate category of people who, on the contrary, tend to gain a few extra pounds.

Yes, and it's time to admit that excessive female thinness is no longer in fashion, and most of the fair sex do not tend to turn into slimy models, but wish to purchase natural female bends. Sometimes, to achieve the desired effect, in your diet you have to include the most high-calorie foods.

1. Animal Fats. Naturally, a list of the 5 most high-calorie foods open foods containing animal fats. These include fish oil, lard, butter, roast pork and others. For example, 100 grams of fat contains about 800 kcal, while this is quite a useful product, which is filled with vitamins A, D and E. In cow oil, a little less - about 876 kcal per 100 g of weight, and in a cup of fish oil - almost 2000 calories!

2. Vegetable oils.You might not have knownbut refined vegetable oils (olive, soybean, sunflower, palm, flaxseed, and so on) in calories are very close to products containing animal fats! On average, 100 g of vegetable oil contains about 884 calories, in olive oil - about 825 calories, and in sunflower a little more - 890 calories.

3. Seeds and nuts. Very useful, saturated with monounsaturated fats, and high-calorie foods that should be used by all those who wish to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Nuts are a valuable source of vitamins, trace elements and proteins, and due to the concentration of unsaturated fats are extremely beneficial for the brain, heart and skin. As for calorie content: 100 g of walnut - 630 kcal, peanuts - about 550 kcal, hazelnut - 630 kcal, cashews - 635 kcal, pistachio - 560 kcal.

4. Cheeses.Of course, the calorie content of cheeses, in the first place, will depend on the variety, but, in any case, it will be quite high. For example, the most high-calorie cheeses are those that are made in Norway - about 466 kcal per 100 g, the calorie content of Dutch cheese - about 350 g, Suluguni cheese - 290 g, Brie cheese - about 300 gHowever, such a product boasts a high content of calcium and linoleic acid, and therefore its regular use reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

5. Chocolate. Even dark chocolate, which is the only one recommended by nutritionists for consumption, is a fairly high-calorie product, and therefore its use must be treated with caution by those who are overweight or, on the contrary, included in their diet, if they want to gain those extra pounds. On average, 100 g of dark chocolate contains about 501 calories. And yet, avoid the use of chocolate bars with various fillings, such as caramel, nuts or whipped cream, as their calorie content literally rolls over.

We have presented to your attention a list of the most high-calorie foods, which are often found in the "forbidden" ratings of nutritionists who make up the healthy food menu.

And, probably, it is not without purpose, because indeed, the use of the above products in unlimited quantities may not only be of no benefit,but also to harm your health, they are often one of the causes of such illnesses as atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke.

Probably not worth mentioning that they contribute to unhealthy obesity, but only in cases of misuse. To have a beautiful and toned figure, you need to make a balanced menu that will include a variety of products in doses that are combined with your body.

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