33 stylish ideas for styling short hair

If you have short hair, this does not mean that you are doomed to walk always with the same styling! Believe me, you have many ways to put your locks so that you are not bored. And we decided to tell you the most successful options for changing the image every day!

Flirty styling for short hair

Curl locks on your face with a curling iron and lay it loosely. You immediately soften the facial features and tune in to flirting, checked!

Find a replacement tail

Is your hair too short to pick it up? No problem! We found a great alternative!This installation is suitable for all occasions, and make it easy.

How to style short hair: textured waves

You'll love this style for sure! A great option for a party or social event. Turn the hair curling, alternating the direction of the curl to get non-uniform waves.

Choose the direction of curls! Come closer.

This styling will not require you to even wash your hair, which meanscan safely be considered a lifesaver for all occasions! Just slightly moisten the curls and distribute a small amount of gel or mousse on them, and then brush in the direction you need.

Short hair styling: mini mohawk

It is not necessary to turn into a punk, just select the central part of the hair and use large curlers. It remains to slightly comb, process mousse, and you are ready to conquer men's hearts!

Put on a bandage

Tape, bezel and kerchief will also be the way! You can do my hair every day with a different accessory. Great, isn't it? By the way, it's an excellent option to hide overgrown roots, dirty head or wait until your hair grows.

How to put short hair: "whistle all up"

Use a hair dryer and a large comb to make a volumetric styling. Wax will help you to identify individual strands.


All power in braids!

So did your grandmother say? Do not disappoint her, braid her pigtail, even on short hair it can be done! Looks very cute!

Do retro styling

Exquisite style for a real lady. Prove that not only rebels prefer short hair!

Short hair styling: bunches

Yes, you also have a fashionable hairstyle available, although your possibilities depend on the length of your hair. Experiment!

Prove your elegance

Even with an evening dress short hair can look great! Just use our tips, enlisting the invisible support: zakolochkami and hairspray, and go!

How to lay short hair: twist

Curling irons - a reliable assistant not only long-haired beauties. With her help, you can make an amazing hairstyle that is accurate to attract attention to you.

Focus on bangs

Put the hair on the forehead with a hair dryer and a round brush, and then create your own unique style.

Believe me, even with short hair you can do a variety of hairstyles. It all depends on your imagination, courage and His Majesty the Case.

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