2013 New Year of any animal: 2013, the Black Water Snake

2013 New Year who, what animal? 2013 New Year of the Black Water Snake

2013 New Year who, what animal? 2013 New Year of the Black Water Snake.

Despite the fact that the window is still autumn, very soon all the world will be seized with vanity before the New Year holidays. And we will be in the power of this fuss exactly until the very beginning of 2013. In addition to worries about all sorts of gifts, various souvenirs and recipes of dishes that will be the main ones on the New Year's table, everyone without exception still cares about the question: "And 2013 who? What animal? »


2013 New Year of the Black Water Snake



Everyone knows that every year according to the Chinese calendar, one year is replaced by another, and with it animals are changed, under the authority of which the whole year passes. There are twelve animals altogether, and now 2013 will be the year of the snake, and it will be black and even water.


The snake, which will be a true symbol of wisdom, will enter its legal rights as a sign of the year from February 10, 2013 and will be “on the throne” exactly until the end of January already in 2014.The black snake, despite the fact that it is insanely insidious, is also a very wise animal, and therefore such an unusual combination is not necessary for people who are very superstitious, because 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake.


It would seem that the snake can bite because, however, in reality, 2013 will be one that will bring real good luck and great wealth to everyone. In addition, the year will allow many people to resolve those issues that are already far not the first year lie like a weight on the heart. Also, do not forget that the snake actually causes negative thoughts only in European countries, while in Asian countries the snake is a symbol of respect, endless wisdom, as well as calmness, surprising will power of course of mind and prudence. No wonder people who were born in the year of the snake, endowed with such a volume of various qualities that allow them to be at the same time reasonable, funny, deft, and also successful. By the way, it is this year that not only those born in the year of the earth, but also those born in other signs of the zodiac will be able to catch the luck by the tail.


In every year, in spite of the fact, whose exactly the year is coming, the cosmic element is also determined. This year the element will be water, and the color as mentioned earlier will be black in the trend.However, this does not mean that only black will be popular, other dark shades will be promoted in the trend. You can highlight especially blue, green, and blue shades. Since the elements of this animal are water, the moving and dynamic colors will be inherent in the year itself.


In principle, it has long been known that black is also a kind of symbol of the cosmos and a color that symbolizes exclusively the depth of the ocean. So it is especially important that this year everyone should try to accomplish everything that will be planned. However, more importantly, it is not to overestimate your own strength, since all the situations in which you simply cannot calculate the forces cannot be fulfilled will turn into failures. Therefore, the advice of all astrologers is to be careful and careful not to come undesirable situations.


According to Chinese traditions, in the new year of this animal, you should give all your friends and acquaintances various gifts with the symbolism of a snake. The most popular gifts are of course various kinds of towels, as well as beautiful calendars and various postcards. By the way, other little things will be no less pleasant.
However, not everything is as good as it seems at first glance.Some astrologers are confident that this year will actually not be the happiest of the last twelve. However, those people who have previously experienced some life difficulties can be sure that now they will succeed.


The year will also be rich in various kinds of surprises, ranging from cash that has suddenly fallen on you, like snow on your head, and ending with not very pleasant news. It should be avoided by all quarrels, people who talk too much, and you should not be too straightforward, because in this case there is a high probability of conflicts, and as you know, snakes do not like such situations. In addition, once again the fate still should not be tested in order to avoid danger.


Special luck in the year of the snake is waiting for those people who were born under the sign of Virgo. Already from the beginning of the year they are waiting for a huge amount of interesting experiences and unforgettable moments. This year, in addition to all other joys, happiness awaits them in their personal lives, which no doubt cannot but rejoice. However, one should not expect that if your child is born in 2013 as a snake, then all his life will be exclusively lucky.After all, you should understand that fate will not succeed in deceiving anyone, and besides, a snake, lies as one and the most important sins. For the new 2013 year, the snake should foul only the most practical desires, since only in this case they will come true. In addition, do not forget that luck loves only those who go to it constantly, and do not expect luck, without putting any effort.

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