18 phenomena that science can not explain

Do you still think science can explain everything?

There are even fairly well-known phenomena, processes that are not explained by science for some reason.

Below we give a list of 18 events that no one can answer.

Unexplained phenomena

Why are we yawning?


What is the secret of the Menar Jonban Mosque?


The mosque in Iran, built in 1316, called the Menar Jonban (swinging minarets) has two minarets. The design was designed in such a way that both minarets swing to the beat.

After a thorough examination and excavation of the foundation of the building, no connection between the two minarets was found. There are similar architectural structures in other mosques of Iran and India. Scientists still do not know how to explain this phenomenon.

Why is the temperature of the sun's corona higher than on the surface of the sun?


Researchers are at a loss as to why the layers of the atmosphere of the sun (the crown) are several million degrees hotter than on the surface of the star.

Why does the placebo effect take place?


Why can tablets without any healing properties help a sick person?

Why only 10% of people are left-handed?


Why are people divided into right-handers and left-handers?


Scientists are not able to explain which mechanisms or organs are responsible for separating people into right-handers and left-handers.

Why are hurricanes occurring on Saturn?


The massive hurricane on Saturn is 20 times bigger than any biggest hurricane on Earth.

Hurricanes of the Earth are formed on warm oceans and are scattered over cold waters. But there are no oceans on Saturn at all. So why are there hurricanes there?

How do birds find their way?


Many bird species migrate across the planet each year without the help of a GPS, map or compass. Despite numerous versions, scientists cannot unambiguously explain how they do it.

How do butterflies find their way?


Butterflies of the species Danaid monarch migrate annually for many thousands of kilometers, as well as birds.

In addition, they live only about six months. This means that those butterflies that fly back are the children of those who flew first.

How do these very small creatures know where to fly?

Incomprehensible phenomena

Where does the wow signal come from?


On August 15, 1977, a strong narrowband radio signal from space was caught at the Perkins Observatory, USA.

Jerry R. Ayman first identified the signal, which was named "Wow".

What is the nature of flares during earthquakes?


White or bluish flashes are observed immediately before strong earthquakes, but last for several seconds.

Theories advanced by scientists are very different:

  • Piezoelectric phenomena
  • Frictional heating
  • Emissions of phosphine (gas)
  • Electrokinetics.

But none of the theories has been fully proven.

What is gravity?


Around 1666, Newton described the effect of gravity through his law of universal perception, but how this force is formed, scientists still do not understand its essence.

Why does the moon seem more high in the sky?


Aristotle began studying this optical illusion in the 4th century.

It is believed that this is a kind of optical effect, which acts the opposite. However, this theory is also questioned.

How do cats purr?


A special organ in the cat responsible for the purring is not detected.

What is the nature of the lights in the Mekong River?


The so-called "Nag Balls of Fire" is a phenomenon that is observed every autumn (more often in October) on the Mekong River in Laos and in Thailand.

Glowing balls rise from the depths of the river the size of a red egg. Balls fly up to a height of 10-20 m and disappear.

Why do the fireflies in Great Smoky Mountains Park glow simultaneously?


The unusual species of fireflies lives in the United States, Tennessee, Great Smoky Mountains Park. Every June, the local beetles make just an incredible show: they do not just glow like ordinary fireflies, but do it simultaneously.

How has Stephen Hawking lived for 72 years?


Aged 21, Stephen William Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Doctors then said that he would not live more than 2 years. In January 2015 he will be 73 years old.

For your information! Living a long life is not the only thing an unusual person has achieved. Stephen William Hawking became a professor of mathematics, the world's famous theoretical physicist in the study of the Big Bang and black holes.

How is life created from inanimate matter?


Since very ancient times, mankind has been trying to figure out exactly how this process is going on.

The evolution in which inorganic components are formed into living matter is called abiogenesis, but much in this theory remains in question.

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