15 things that we do every day wrong, even without realizing it

There are a lot of things in our life that take too much time, effort and nerves. That is why it is so important to reduce unpleasant moments in the daily routine to a minimum. Here are 15 tips on how to do this.

This is how it is necessary to hold a hamburger so that the salad does not fall out and the sauce does not drip the entire table.

If you really want no one to read what you have crossed out, then try to write a few more words over it, rather than cross out with straight lines.

The end of your torment: to get the last “sweet” remnants of Pringles, fold a piece of paper, insert it into a jar - and voila.

Are you still throwing packets of food into the cart?

To avoid splashing juice, milk, etc. from the package, just flip it over when pouring it, as indicated on the right.

Surely you suffer for a long time when trying to untie a plastic bag.Layfkhak - roll the free end in a plait and push it through the knot.

By the way, containers in which the same noodles or rice are delivered can be turned into such a disposable plate.

If you turn a loaf of bread, it will be more convenient to cut it.

Try using a plastic tube or a toothpick to pierce the strawberries and remove the stalk in this way.

It turns out that we incorrectly use the familiar invisible hairpin from childhood - the corrugated part should be below in order to better capture a strand of hair.

Often, when we cook, then put the spoon on the pan or near it. Life hacking: some dishes have a small hole in the handle. That's where you can put a spoon or spatula.

On the right, it is indicated how it is easier and faster to break off a piece of delicious Toblerone chocolate.

If you often tear aluminum foil, unwinding it, then that's how you can avoid it. Almost every box of foil has a perforated part. Push it through, and the foil roll will always remain in place, and you can calmly and without swearing yourself as much as you need.

Do you know how to load a whole box of cans into the fridge? Open the box on both sides, bring it closer to the shelf and tilt it - the banks will quickly “move” to the refrigerator.

If you still doubted which side to hang toilet paper, then here's the answer. On the right - an image with the original patent of 1891, where it is indicated, as it should.

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