10 rules on how to build a relationship with a divorced man

Rule number 1.Be patient. A man who has just freed himself from marriage bonds is not always ready to tie himself up with them again. He just felt free, so don’t be surprised if he wants light, non-binding relationships.

Rule number 2.Do not rush to rejoice. Some men, on the contrary, cannot accept the fact that their well-established life has come to an end, so they are urgently looking for the one who will again cook pancakes for breakfast and iron their shirts. So when a divorced man rushes your wedding, quench your emotions and think about why he does it - because of the great love for you or just wants to save on a housekeeper?

10 rules on how to build a relationship with a divorced man

Rule number 3.You are not required to communicate with his ex-wife. I often see in films how a new girlfriend meets up with the ex-wife of her man in a restaurant, and they start talking about life. What for? If you need to know something about your man, is not it better to communicate directly with him? Hence follows rule number 4.

Rule number 4.You have the right to know about his past relationships.Not about every skirt he picked up, but about an official marriage for sure. How many were together, whether there were children, why they broke up. If a man tries not to talk about it, it means that he has not finished with the past.

Rule number 5.No meeting on the old friendship. Even if he remained in good relations with his ex, this does not mean that he should run for help at her first call. Not small - cope herself. Do not be shy to tell your man about it. The past should not interfere with the present.

10 rules on how to build a relationship with a divorced man

Rule number 6.Children are not a reason to leave you. Yes, wives are former, children are not. He will see the children - has the full right to this. But their communication should not bring inconvenience to you. Let him do mercy and introduce you to the children so that you can spend time together. If, of course, you want. If not, then let him find a compromise.

Rule number 7.You are not responsible for his past relationships. If his wife has changed him, this is no reason to suspect you. Let them leave their fears and offenses in the past, they have no place in new relationships. Of course, the past cannot be erased, but it should not spoil the present.

Rule number 8.Do not let the image of his ex be projected on you.Yes, maybe his ex wore red linen, baked a duck with apples and loved to ski. But you are not her and do not have to be like her. And if he likes the duck with apples and red linen so much, maybe he was divorced for nothing?

10 rules on how to build a relationship with a divorced man

Rule number 9.Do not be jealous. It will drop your dignity in his eyes. And in the eyes of his ex too. If you can not cope with yourself, then look for a man without a rich past, but if this person is dear to you, accept the fact that there was a woman in his life, but do not compete with her. This is stupid and pointless.

Rule number 10.Be carefull. If a man throws mud at his ex, this is a disturbing bell. It may be that the divorce was not due to the fact that the wife was bad, but due to the fact that the man - the villain-misogyny. In this case, you should not hope that he will treat you well. Time will pass, and he will pour out the tub of mud.

If you are sure that you have met your soul mate, and you are not afraid of possible difficulties, then drop all doubts and fears, arm yourself with the proposed rules - and go! Meet the relationship with the man of your dreams. Let not the first freshness.

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